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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Haul!


I wanna wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all are enjoying time with family, Jon and I didn't see my parents this year for Thanksgiving because airfare is expensive, but they are coming to visit us around Christmas so it's all good! Also I forgot to add I have "Cool Pink" (matte) pigment available for samples as well.

MadMinerals.Org is having a 25% OFF SALE!

***I'll be heading to Vegas again later tonight, so most likely I will NOT have internet connection. :( My BF's dad lives over there so we are heading back there again! Hopefully see more celebs haha. I should be back on Sunday.

I also bought more Violet and Teal Pigments for sampling...and caved and bought another 187 brush.

Yesterday was the release of the MAC Finery bags and the Metal-X Collection, so here is haul as well as my initial observations. I also got my Sephora Pop-Up Brushes!

The MAC Finery Bag:
I bought the finery bag in "Plum Lips", I am not too sure about this one yet, I am not really a fan of "glazes" and "frost" lipsticks, as I found the two lipsticks to be a bit too sheer for me(Culture Class and Ultra Madame). The 'Contessa' lipglass was pretty. I might just end up exchanging it for the Pink Lips. But the packaging is ultra gorgeous!

The Metal-X Collection:
I LOVE this collection. I was expecting this collection to be super creamy and almost the same consistency of a mousse, but it's creamy at first but finishes to a powder so it's not sliding off anywhere. I have yet to do a look with any of the colors from this collection, but it does look promising. I ended up purchasing: Pure Ore (gorgeous gold color), gold spice (reminds me of the moonbathe collection), 6th sin (pretty deep emerald green to go perfect with the emerald green pigment), and Cyber (silver). I wanted Virgin Silver, but the MA got me the wrong one, and I ended up liking it. The boyfriend said "I know you're gonna end up getting all the colors anyway, so just keep it". HAHHAHHAA.


My Sephora Pop-Up Brushes Arrived!!!!

Jon's adorable little niece Alyssa Jolie!


Mrs. Lynne said...

Happy T's mi'lady :) Hope you have a great time today!

Yup, yup. Nice haul! I should have swatched everything also. Now I know, haha.

I love the pop-up case. Soooo stylish. and Jon's niece is such a cutie.

RF said...

Ooohohohohohohoh how gorgeous is she. I love babies with an amazing head of hair. Too cute.

Metal-X looks cool too but to released in the UK til 01st Dec - did you find them to be creasy?

Elizabeth said...

The baby is so CUTE. Any chance shes related to angelina jolie?;)

Vanessa said...

Hey RF! Happy Thanksgiving! The Metal-X eyeshadows aren't creasy at all (as long as you don't put TOO much on your lid it should be fine). They are cream-to-powder so it 'dries' on your lid like a regular eyeshadow. What I love about it is the shimmer and vibrancy of the colors.

Divine Blackness said...

Happppppy Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see what kind of looks you are going to do with Metal-X. I'm still iffy on it because I'm not sure about those colors on my skin. And do a review on the brushes (and the cute pop-up thingie) when you get a chance! I think it's cute!

Julie said...

Nice haul! :)

The red lipstick from the Plum Lips (Finery) looks nice.

Metal-X looks HAWT!

Jon's niece is adorable! May I ask what nationality she is?

alien man?! said...

what a darling little girlie!!!!!! oh, she's SOOOO lovely

and, wow, the Pure Ore is HOT

wish i could pull off gold

petitebelle said...

those lippies actually look really pretty...especially that light pink lipstick, I think you should keep it ;)

nilla cookie said...

What a haul! 6th Sin looks gorgeous! I've been lovin' all the greens I see lately!

Also, how do you like the Sephora brushes? I think I want to try them out so please let us know!

yummy411 said...

great haul! omg his little niece is sooooooo beautiful and a even more beautiful name!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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