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Friday, November 16, 2007

Reader Questions: Pigment Samples


I've been getting a lot of questions again regarding the pigment samples, so let me re-iterate them and hopefully this post answers all your questions! :)

- YES I am still selling pigments, however I ran out of the jars to place them in due to amount of orders i've been getting. I ordered more jars and they have NOT arrived yet, so please don't place any orders or they WILL get lost, so just keep checking this site to see any updates as I will announce when I am ready to take orders again. They are 1/4 teaspoon samples in a 3 gram jar with a sifter.

- I bought more piggies (such as Vanilla and GoldStroke), "Your Ladyship" and "Viz-a-Violet" is no longer available due to being limited edition items, and I need to save some for myself! Sweet Sienna is still available, I may purchase more of "Your Ladyship" just for sampling but I am not sure yet, let me know if you ladies are interested in this pigment, if there are enough ladies that want to sample it, then i'll buy it.

- Prices are still the same, $3 each except for 7+, 7-8 is now $15 (a buck cheaper), 9+ will be $17 and I will be getting more pigments as I go along. PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING AND PACKAGING (THE JARS AND ENVELOPES). I DO SHIP INTERNATIONAL HOWEVER TRACKING INFO IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL AS IT IS MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE. ESTIMATED SHIPPING TO INTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES ARE ABOUT A WEEK. I am not responsible for lost international packages because there is no tracking info, if you are interested in tracking info, refer to the website and estimate the rates and let me know. Last time I checked, shipping to the UK barely Priority Mail was already $24.60!

- The colors I have available are: Teal, Vanilla, Golden Lemon, Gold Stroke, Fuchsia, Pinked Mauve, Blue, Sweet Sienna, Violet, and Your Ladyship (vote if you want it!)


Ethereal Prey said...

Hi thanks for the linkie! you're making me want to get drizzlegold so bad now!!!! Must show restraint! ah screw it..i'm ordering it now...i'm so weak.....

CuttiBeBe said...

one vote for Your Ladyship

CuttiBeBe said...

one vote for Your Ladyship

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa, I would love to purchase some pigments from you! I've been meaning to email you about which colors you have but good thing you posted the list up so I dont' have to ask lol. I'm disappointed that you no longer have Your Ladyship! I really wanted to try it, so I'm voting for YES do get more because I will definitely order it, probably more than one sample of it too! 7-8 for $15 is a great deal thanks for offering this! Please keep us updated on when you will be able to make the orders and I will place mine. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

hey vanessa!!

your pigments are $2 per a container righht??


Elizabeth said...

I'd definitely get some piggies off you but shipping for international is so expensive :(

Anonymous said...

lol.. nevermind.. i just read it. -_- $3 bucks

Anonymous said...

Hi :)

For the pigment samples...


Does that include shipping for international as well? Or is it an additional shipping if outside of the US?

thanks :D

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Ladyship pigment!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

My friend from MAC says Your Ladyship is a pretty color. :] I'm curious... but I don't know. Haha. What do you think?

G_046 said...

hi Nessa!
good pictures, good makeup as well!!
I was wondering if you receive money order to pay the samples + shipping and handling.

The reason I ask is b/c I don't have any paypal (sp?) stuff like that from amazon...


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