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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This video is hilarious....


If any of you watch MTV's "Rob and Big"...this is hilarious.


Joey said...

I loove Rob and Big. They're so silly.. love it.

ilurvemakeup said...

Idk why, but that show and Life with Ryan are the only shows I don't watch on MTV. I hate them lol :| *runs and hides*

RessaMakeup said...

i love rob and big, those guys are crazy. I love Rob he's a hottie hehehe and Big is a huge teddy bear.

Anonymous said...

haha ROTFL!

itsliz89 said...

The only MTV show I'm ever willing to watch. I love big black

e said...

seriously, too funny. Those guy make me laugh for a full 30 mins, even when they're trying too hard they somehow turn it around and make it funny again.

Favorite line of the season:

DRAMA! Go get my board....I'm about to break a world record.


Krystle said...

I love Rob & Big! lol one of my bf's friends gave my bf a shirt that says "DO WORK" I get a kick every time Big Black wears a t-shirt with a gold chain printed on it.

Vi Anne said...

i have that on my ipod! :) that clip's the reason why i have that song on my playlist! :) love rob and big and meaty!

Tina [BCM] said...

Haha, this is me & my boyfriends favorite part of Rob & Big. We laugh hysterically everytime we see it. =D

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