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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Product Review: Dior HydrAction Moisturizing Tint with SPF 20


(*Sidenote: Nails done at a salon)

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Price: 2 out of 5 ($38)
Overall: 4 out of 5
Where to get it:, Sephora stores
What shade I tried: Natural #2, also come in 3 other shades: Porcelain, Golden, and Bronze.
Would I buy it again? Yes!

From the Sephora website:

What it is:
A tinted facial moisturizer with SPF 20.

What it does:
Dior HydrAction Deep Hydration Skin Tint SPF 20 is a velvety, sheer face tint with ultra-fine pigments and light-reflecting micro-pearls. This luxurious texture creates a natural veil of fresh color and radiance, for the illusion of bare skin with the promise of perfect hydration. It corrects imperfections, evens the skintone, and also contains a SPF 20 sun protection and the irrigating Aquacapt™ Complex to reinforce the skin's natural moisture reserves all day long.

Size: 1.7 oz

PROS: I love this tinted moisturizer! It's the perfect moisturizer for me because it doesn't cause me to breakout ANNNDDD it hydrates my face (since I have dry skin) just the way the name implies; "hydrAction". It smells GREAT, not a puking, Elmer's Glue smell like some tinted moisturizers have, this one smells yummy to me for some reason. It also has sun protection! SPF 20, big bonus for the summertime! And perfect for the dry winter time as well. It's very easy to carry with you and it doesn't leak because it's not so runny. Also the coverage is pretty nice, not too much and not too little, but just enough to even out your skintone without making you look too obvious you are wearing anything so it's great for gals who wanna sport the natural sorta "no-makeup" look since it covers pretty well. It has light-reflecting pearls to really brighten up your face.***TIP*** To avoid the "streaking effect" you can apply it with a makeup sponge or your fingers like you normally would apply your moisturizer and then pat down your face with a sponge and some loose powder for it to "set" and give you a nice flawless look!

CONS: The price! Geez louise, $38 for some tinted moisturizer!?? I know to some of you that may be cheap but to those who are used to spending carefully, that can be a bit steep. I normally wouldn't pay that much myself for a mere tinted moisturizer because I am a cheap gal but luckily I had a store credit to use. :)

Please don't ask me for color recommendations because to be honest I don't know what would match you the best since there are only 4 colors. I personally just got Natural #2 knowing it would be a bit light on me because I was going to put my mineral foundation OVER IT, if I did it too matchy matchy it might make me look too dark ya dig? So the light shade and my normal shade balances each other out.

Overall? I love this baby, it really does what I need it to do and gives me a nice finish and natural coverage. Great for gals who have dry skin like me or if you tend to have dry skin in the Winter.
Apply it like you would your moisturizer:

My face all clean with JUST the Dior HydrAction Tinted Moisturizer, no other makeup used. As you can see I have dark circles because I never sleep... :(


lovemakeup said...

WOW! Great review. I've been wanting to try TM but afraid they'll break me out. But this looks promising.

Just dropping by to say HI!
(new to the blog world)

Ilianexy said...

Awwwww Vanessa look at that pic! You look so cute and innocent, so sweet! That tinted moisturizer looks amazing, and Dior mmm.... Fabulous!

fuzkittie said...

Doll face!!! *points*
You're such a doll~~ ^O^

Look at that glowy skin. Now you've got me REALLY itching to try this tm. I'm not even a big tm person really... since I need to cover up so many damn marks on my face! :[

LOL @ Elmer's Glue smell, are you talking about LM's tm??? Hahahaha.. I never notice the smells of products unless it's skincare...

tokyostargirl said...

neato nails!

Askmewhats said...

It is a bit expensive, but it is a good tint I like the finish! I didn't know Dior makes Tint! thanks

jeSmakeup said...

wow.. if u have no makeup on.... ur face is pretty flawless!! no red spots or anything... besides the dark circles.... i have them too!! =T

Lauren@Beautique said...

I love love love your blog! And your so pretty as are your nails :) x x

iamgrape1119 said...

Your skin looks so plump! I love your cheeks! Yikes! $38?! I'd rather have 5 d/s ones then, LOL! I'm cheap as heck!

Alice Mary said...

Hey Vanessa! I just wanted to comment on your nails lol because they always look so nice and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design. Animal prints are so sharp (well of course when people wear them the right way cause I have seen some disastrous use of animal prints haha). Anyway, I hear ya on trying to watch how money is spent. I spend 11 bucks on my moisturizer and it works fine for me but I know my friend uses some 30 or 40 dollar moisturizer that works for her and I guess sometimes we gotta drop a little more money when we find something that really works well for us, especially when it has to do with our skin. =] Love reading your blog, I haven't commented for a while so I thought it was only fair to try and keep it up again lol -Alice

Anastasia said...

I'd never wear tinted moisturiser solo, but pairing it with mineral foundation is a nifty idea - I always find mineral foundation a little sheer (I wanna cover my freckles!) so maybe that would help the coverage.

Thanks <3!

Tia said...

Thanks for the awesome review, V. I have been looking to invest in a nice moisturizer and I didn't want one that'll leave my face oily. I must try this one out. My face complexion is the same as yours, I hope the Natural #2 will work for me! Thanks, again.

Joanne said...

The tinted moisturizer looks really good on you. You make me want it. But $38 is a little steep. Nice review though!

angel's mommy said...

that looks great. do you have a review on covering dark eye circles or eye wrinkles. i have those and i haven't really found a good one that works great?

sab said...

i love your nails!!! ;)

yummy411 said...

great review and that's an awesome tinted moisturizer. i wish it came in an oil free formula for oily tzone chicas like me.....

christy. said...

yes you might have dark circles but other than that your skin is FLAWLESS. i hate those out of nowhere pimples and such T______T

Vanessa said...

Thanks y'all, hi Sab!

Mrs. Lynne, said...

great review sis! and you are just as gorgeous even without makeup on! *jealous*

May Nguyen said...

I love how you are never scared to show your before.. ure beautiful anyways

Maho Lucil said...

This product creates a natural veil of fresh color and radiance, for the illusion of bare skin with the promise of perfect hydration. It corrects imperfections, evens the skin tone, and also contains a SPF 20 sun protection. Its best to invest on quality eye wrinkle cream and other beauty creams to fight the signs of aging.

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