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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Beauty Insider Pick (Cherry Culture)


My first article got published! Check it out on their


Christiana said...

congrats! :]

so i was wondering if you were interested in trying a different type of soap to wash your face with? it's all natural and there are three different types for different purposes.

green tea shea butter bar: good for acne prone skin
oatmeal green tea shea butter bar: oatmeal is soothing for the skin (you might want to try this one, since you have sensitive skin.)
honey green tea shea butter bar: i've read that green tea is also good for acne

i just ordered the regular green tea shea bar, and if i like that, i'll order the honey one... just cause honey attracts me to products for some reason. hehe.

i thought this was pretty cool, and since you just recently posted a skin care regimen blog, i thought this might interest you. :]

here's the web address if you're interested!

p.s. you rock! haha. and those new eyeshadows you bought look pretty, that one with mixed colors is trippyyy looking. hehe. :]

Christiana said...

p.s. since you like kt naturals finish, you might also like cory's finish. cory is full coverage so you only need to use a TINY bit, but you might like that too. :]

cory's shades do run a bit light though, so when you sample, pick the shade that you think you are, and also pick a couple of shades darker.

if you're interested, here's the link to her page.

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