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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Reader Question


Q: Hey there, I was wondering how you got into modeling. I was interested in maybe trying it out, and just wanted some tips or suggestions how I might start out. You do so great Vanessa! and I love how you emphasize the fact that you won't conform to a stereotype :D



A: Hi Jamie, thanks for the kind words! I think it's very important for people to establish their own morals and their own individuality. So many girls hate on other girls for stupid or no reasons at all, and it's sad and it's a shame that we do that to each other because I think that's why A LOT of us are insecure with who we are. And we are uncomfortable in OUR OWN skin when we shouldn't be. We shouldn't put each other down and quick to point out flaws when we ALL aren't perfect. You are all strong, beautiful, intellectual women!

And the reason I stepped away from modeling is because of the way that people look at models. I know there ARE those who "model", when they are just gals who go to car shows dressed in slutty clothes, those who think nude or implied nude will take them to the top of the industry, and there are those who are in it for the ART. Of creating awesome pictures that speak for themselves. Creating different looks with MAKEUP and hair. Too often I was being mixed into the "conceited model" that didn't care about people, and I DID NOT want to be seen that way because I DO care about people and I AM NOT the prettiest flower in the pot. You just gotta do your own thing and pay no attention to NEGATIVITY and don't let people get you down. Always be in the "I don't care what you think, I am happy" attitude.

Now I am trying to help others make them feel better about themselves, for all those times that other people let YOU down. :)

You can find out my story of how I "fell" into modeling here:
Modeling Story

I also suggest taking some acting workshops/classes because it helps build your comfort level, and don't EVER, and I mean EVER pay for anything; like headshots, ZED cards, etc. because if you really got talent they'll want you bad enough to get all that FOR YOU. So many gals get RIPPED OFF by having to pay for all that stuff outta their own pocket and get NO GIGS, NO WORK- NOTHING but an empty wallet.

So BEWARE of scams and people trying to rip you off.

Safety Tips:

- Never go to an audition ALONE.
- ALWAYS do your research on everything and everybody, photographers (check out their past work including portfolios), locations, companies, background, etc.
- Don't feel pressured to take your clothes off!

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Jamie said...

Thanks for blogging about it! I really appreciate it :D

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