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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Reader Questions (RE: Palladio Lipglosses, Nixie Palette, and Face Primers)


Q: I picked one of their glosses a few weeks ago at my sallys beauty supply. I've only used it once but so far so good. Have you tried their shadows?
A: Yeah I love their lip glosses! Surprisingly I like their colored lip glosses even though I am more of a neutral/light pink lipgloss kinda gal, but their "Raisin" gloss is amazing! I have tried their eyeshadows and I actually like them, they have a good color payoff, I personally don't own any because I have so many eyeshadows already I doubt I need more, LOL!

Q: Hey Vanessa! Is the nixie palette made of cardboard or plastic? I was considering getting one. I like that you can see the colors before you open it up. Or is the MAC one better? I see you have both.
A: The Nixie Palette was disappointingly made out of cheap cardboard, but nontheless, it's actually pretty sturdy, I DO WISH it was made out of hard plastic like the MAC Palettes or even the hard plastic one they sent me for being a PRO artist, (it's now my Neutral/Highlighting Palette, which btw I was able to get "Amethyst" outta there), but it's the only palette I know of that can fit all my ULTA eyeshadows since they are SO MUCH LARGER than the MAC eyeshadows! Which brings me to buy the bigger ones since they last a lot longer, and so much *ahem* CHEAPER! I got like 4 ULTA eyeshadows for the price of ONE MAC eyeshadow! I am thinking about also trying the MUD Palettes too....

Q: I am looking for a face primer at the moment and was wondering if you could help me out. I clicked "primer" and read the posts you've written. You have so MANY! While I'm at it, can I get your opinion on eye primers as well.

Can you do a review on ALL of your priming products now that you've added more to your collection? Which ones do you like the most? Best deal? Etc.

A: My favorite for the face primer is: Laura Geller's Spackle (Sephora, $21) and the Sephora one for $12.

If you are on a budget, the Sephora one for $12 is awesome!

Or her Spackle Trio which has the Face Primer, Lip AND Eye Primer, ALL-IN-ONE!

You can use a cream foundation or concealer as an eye primer, as well as Vaseline.

But for eye primer, I use Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion (Sephora, $15)

I personally DID NOT like the Airbrush Primer from Essence of Beauty, it felt a little too thick on my skin. Smashbox Face Primer is nice, but to me, the Laura Geller one is light and smooth on my skin, AND they give you more for your money. The Laura Mercier Tinted Face Primer was just too chalky on my skin, so my faves are the ones I mentioned above and what I currently use before I apply my makeup.


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