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Friday, August 24, 2007

Reader Question


Q: If someone is on a budget and couldn't afford MAC, would you tell them to buy NYX?

A: I am guessing you are a brand spanking new reader to my blog, if you go to some of my first entries (or the NYX Cosmetics label on the right hand side), you will see that I am a big fan of NYX! MAC IS expensive, and there are MANY other alternatives to MAC. I personally am open to EVERY BRAND imaginable, and my collection does not consist of just high-end brands or low-end brands; but a mixture of brands. I love NYX eyeshadows, loose powdered eyeshadows, and their lip glosses. I recently have been "collecting" MAC because I am really starting to like their color payoff, pigmentation, and quality of their products and I do see a difference between MAC and drugstore brands as well.

For example, MAC's Lipglasses stay on a lot longer for me than some of my drugstore lip glosses, even though I DO love the colors of drugstore brands better. So it just really depends on what works best for you. I bought a NYX Blush one time, and it cracked as soon as I got home! I never bought it again, and my MAC Blush lasts me for a long time! I also LOVE MAC's Paint Pots, it seriously stays on till you wash it off and I don't know any other brands that have anything remotely close to MAC Paints. To me, id rather spend $16 on an eyeshadow that will last me a long time AND has great pigmentation, rather than $5 and having to go out and buy it every 3 weeks. It just varies from person to person and I personally just buy what I like, if I can find a "MAC look-alike" for a lot cheaper, then I go for that one. Milani eyeshadows are a perfect example.


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