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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Reader Question (RE: Fushia and Black Fusion)


Q: I absolutely love this look!! i was checking on the sephora website and i didnt see the eyeshadow shade u used. do u know anywhere else where i can get it??




A: It is at the Sephora store, just not through the website, if you actually go to the store you will see it, it's #26, I think it's actually a blush not an eyeshadow but it produces that awesome color, so it's good to use on the eyes too! MUFE (Makeup Forever) doesn't even sell it's own products on their website so you have to see who they contract their products to for sales, I checked the Sephora website and didn't see much, but when I went into the actual store they had A LOT!

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Cristine said...

Hi Vanessa,

I love reading your entries.. in fact, I tried one of your tutorial and wanted to submit a FOTD but my photo wasn't clear and bright enough.. Anyway, since you have so many makeups, how long would you actually keep it after opening? Coz makeup can't be kept too long right??

BTW, I love the end result..


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