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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Couldn't even last a day...


I found myself back on the EDM website and thought that id give it another try, a voice inside me told me not to give up on mineral makeup, so I am hoping this will be the sample kit to change my mind! As much as possible I am trying to avoid going back to liquid foundation even though it would be less messy and probably give me that "airbrushed look" I love without the splotchyness of some of the mineral makeup. I was also looking at Lancome and they have some cool products on their site...

Anyway, I also couldn't resist since EM has A LOT of new things going on, one of them being that they added new brushes to their site. I ended up ordering their Premium Eve Dual Fiber Brush I have been eyeing on for quite some time. I was super close to buying MAC's raccoon version (black bristles with the white tips so you can see how much you are putting on), but $42.00!?? Yeah no way. I'd rather spend $42 and get more than one thing....

I am really excited about this brush because it's purpose is to give a light handed touch to heavy-handed people like me. I think it's gonna be perfect for applying blush as well as minor contouring! And of course I will post pics and my reviews on here. :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Special K said...

Thanks to your glowing reviews of EDM I've been thinking of ordering my own sampler kit to give it a try. I like my Urban Decay Surreal Skin Minerals...but I still feel that my skin looks 'splotchy' under it. Maybe it's my lack of pigment. But if you're looking for a good liquid foundation that has good coverage and is nice to the skin I'd recomend Cargo's oil free liquid.

FeiFei said...

I own two 187 brushes and it's totally worth the 42 bucks! It's a bit steep, but once you go 187 you won't go back. I've only heard mediocre to bad things about the EDM brushes. Hopefully it'll work out for you! Try snagging their brush sets when they release them. The Novel Twist collection included a pro brush set with a mini 187 and 3 other brushes for about $45. That's a steal for MAC!

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