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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Reader Question


Q: Vanessa, could you please do a tutorial of how you take pictures of your looks? Mine always comes out too white or blurry.
A: There is no real tutorial I can provide on HOW to take a good picture because I would have to take pictures of well my own camera and that's like trying to see your own eyeball without a mirror! But check out the label on the right, "How to take a good makeup photo", I listed some step by step instructions, it's really just figuring out all the settings on your camera, since most makeup shots are closeup, a MACRO setting needs to be used, be sure that the levels of flash are proportioned, not too high and not too low, play with different angles, if your photo seems to come out too dark, be sure that there is nothing blocking the flash as this blocks the light coming into the camera (as a photog, it's what I learned), if it is too bright, be sure that when using flash, you are not in a bright room and using flash as well and again make sure the levels aren't too high. AUTO is the best setting for me, as well as digital macro. Another thing, is to press the shutter button HALF way to focus, then press fully to shoot, often when a picture is blurry you shot too prematurely.


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