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Saturday, September 15, 2007

REVIEW: MAC Lipstick in "Sparks can fly"


4 out of 5 stars

Back when I was in high school, I never really was a lipstick sort of a gal, lip glosses and lip pots were mostly my thing. I only owned ONE MAC Lipstick in "Folio" that my mother gave me which has been long discontinued. But I hated the taste of some lipsticks and to be honest, (I think most of it was because I associated lipsticks with what old ladies wear like my grandma, who today, STILL can pull of crimson red). I also hated how in the slightest heat or jolt, the lipstick is merely knocked off its base, causing a mess and a big headache.

Even today, as I struggle to pick a lipstick that I can be satisfied with, it's really a battle. I end up picking out more cons than pros about it and just give up. So when MAC Cosmetics came out with their "Smoke Signals" collection which included: Brew, Barely Lit, Sparks Can Fly, Mellow Flame, and Burnin', I thought why I don't I at least try ONE.

My pick: Sparks can fly

PROS: Even though I most likely would have picked Brew or Barely Lit because they are the sheerest of the bunch, I wasn't really in the mood to pay $14 just for barely-there color. I swatched Sparks can fly, and something about the soft and subtle mauve really impressed me. I actually love this color, it brings a little soft color to my lips and my complexion and isn't overpowering like the red lipstick the celebs are sporting. Paired with a shimmery lipglass (or lipgloss), it's gorgeous! There isn't a weird lipstick taste and it looks good in natural light, pictures, etc.

CONS: As with a majority of MAC lipsticks, there is zero staying power, even you gals who have the talent to eat and drink without missing a step, it still manages to wear off! But other than that, I love this lipstick!


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