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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Reader Question:


Q: I actually regulary look to see if there is anything new I should get. I was wondering,though. Are you a model or a photographer? Do you work both sides of the lens? Just wondering.Thank you!


A: Hi Aria! Thanks for being a regular reader! I always update, but with this past Labor Day weekend, it threw me off as I decided id try and actually RELAX! haha, and yes I do work on both sides of the lens, more so BEHIND the lens as a photographer. I still model here and there, but only for good paying gigs, but to be honest, modeling isn't that much fun or profitable to me anymore, I find it A LOT more fun to be a photographer as it allows me to explore and express my creative and artsy side. I like being able to control the backgrounds and create awesome images with my subjects. I am still learning a lot as a photog and I haven't had time to really divulge myself into my photography, but soon I will be spending a lot more time on it.

Some of my modeling portfolio from back in the day is on my website:

And my PHOTOGRAPHY portfolio is on my Flickr: Flickr


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