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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Reader Questions (RE: Lumiere or EDM Brushes)


Q: Which is better? Lumiere or EDM brushes? Lumiere is having a PRE-BUY SPECIAL now and the price is so cheap for a 9 piece brush set. I'm in a dilemma to choose between Lumiere or EDM brushes. Please advise.
A: I personally like the Lumiere Brushes better, to me the bristles were a lot softer, and I loved their Flat Top Brusher brush even though it was a bit too small for me. But the EDM (Everyday Minerals) Brushes are nice too,but they don't have a lot of selection for brushes that you can control easily, most of the brushes they have are fluffy and more for all over face, and for mineral foundations, a flat top brush is ideal. They both are reasonable in price so if in doubt, get one of each and see which one you like better.


Anonymous said...

Hey. Just like so many others, i would love to find those face charts. If you really do enjoy helping people, that's something i would personally REALLY appreciate. Thanks!

Vanessa said...

Anonymous, please leave your contact information, I can't help people with out anyone to reply to.... :)

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