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Monday, September 17, 2007

MAC Antiquitease- Another collection!


MAC does it again, this year's holiday collection is going to be super smoking hot! Hotter than smoke signals I must say. They are coming out with a variety of collections, some from the past- called Antiquitease. I am SO excited! I am pretty much gonna get a majority of this collection so you better start saving now!

For pics, check out the blog on

Here is what it includes:

Antiquitease Colour - 25th October (North America)/ 29th October (International)

5 x Lipstick (LE)
4 x Lipglass (LE)
5 x Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos (LE)
3 x Pigment (LE)
2 x Fluidline (1 LE, 1 Repromote)
1 x Fibre Rich Lash Mascara (Repromote)
2 x Nail Lacquer (LE)

Antiquitease Kits - 25th October (North America)/ 29th October (International)

'Royal Assets' (Lips x 3 )- Tan, Coral, Red, Pink
'Royal Assets' (Eyes x 6) -Warm, Cool, Smokey, Metallic
'Finery' (Lip Bag x 3) - Plum, Coral, Tan, Pink
'Heirlooms' (Brush Sets) - Basic, Face, Eye
'Viva Glamorous' (VG Lips x 3) - Warm, Cool

Keepsake - 25th October (North America)/ 29th October (International)

Clutch (Cream Tweed) Containing:
- Shimmertime Pigment (Promo Size)
- Sunbasque Blush (Full Size)
- Glamoursun Lipglass (Full Size)
- Nightsky Softsparkle Pencil (Promo Size)

Heirlooms Brush Box - 25th October (North America)/ 29th October (International)

- #129 Brush
- #219 Brush
- #239 Brush
- #266 Brush
- #316 Brush

Curiousitease Mini's - 19th November (International)

Lipglass & Lustreglass x 5 - Warm, Cool
Pigments x 5 - Warm, Cool
Softsparkle Eye Pencils x 5
Plushglass x 5

Richmetal Color Story - 29th November (North America)/ 3rd December (International)

9 x Metal-X Eye Creams (LE)
5 x Glitter Eye Liner (LE)

Stylistics - 29th November (North America)/ 3rd December (International)

4 x Lipstick (LE)
4 x Lipglass (LE)
4 x Diamond Powder (LE)
3 x Sheer Mystery Powder (LE)
3 x Brushes (Lip, Eye, Face)
1 x Luxe Bag (Black Embellished)

MAC of Beauty - 29th November (North America)/ 3rd December (International)

6 x Beauty Powder Loose (LE)
6 x Studio Lights Concealer (LE)
3 x Brushes (#183, #188, #222)

MAC Signature Bags - 29th November (North America)/ 3rd December (International)

4 x Jacquard Bags (Mini, Mini-Petite, Small, Medium)


Christiana said...

hey nessa! i found a site selling the indelible gel liners for only $8.99! :] they have a bunch of other cool looking stuff too! here's the link!

Stephie said...

ohhhhhh my gahd! i can't wait for this!!!!!! i wonder how much they are going to be... & if we can use our pro card discounts on it!

missjaclynrose said...

hi nessa,
question... do you use UDPP under the MAC paint 'Painterly'?

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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