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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reader Question: Swatches


Q: Hi. I love your swatches!! Can you please swatch more NYX shadows and lipsticks? You have the best quality swatches I've seen so far, but are you using a base with those shadows (i.e. wet or dry)?
A: I am not much of a lipstick person so I don't have a lot to swatch that have not already been swatched. And NYX shadows that have been swatched are under the swatches label and those are the only ones I have. So basically if I have them, I'll swatch 'em. All my swatches are done DRY unless noted otherwise, I will be doing some wet soon with mineral eyeshadows and other pigments, but they are ALL done DRY. So it can give you an idea of how intense it would be if it were wet.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa, I love your blog. I was wondering if the NYX chrome eyeshadow are loose or like regular eyeshadows in tact?

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