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Friday, September 14, 2007



I forgot my camera at work, so im bummed! I gotta wait till Monday to post any pics! :(

I have decided to go back to whipped mousse foundation for a little bit because mineral foundations (yes, mostly all of them, and believe me I have tried A LOT!) are irritating my skin causing redness and skin bumps in some areas (not to be mistaken for pimples); it didn't do that before but I haven't changed anything such as my skin regimen, I still exfoliate and all that good stuff, and of course use a primer!

I just need a break from it, temporarily or for good, I do not know at this point. I am actually really interested in giving that Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation a try (they also have loose powder which I might get) in which it's oil-free, doesn't cause acne, and you can CHOOSE the coverage you want, from sheer to full coverage, you can choose to have it moisturizing or even brightening! Endless possibilities!

The best part? I never have to worry about finding the right shade! They help you find your undertone and always keep your "special recipe/blend" on file in case you need refills, so it's always the perfect shade.

And that was the trouble I had with the mineral foundations, all of them were either too light or too dark, I think in the winter I won't have that problem, but right now my arms and neck are tan and the foundation made my face look a lot whiter, even if it was dark! And as much as I love playing with makeup, I didn't feel like searching for my perfect shade or mixing foundations. I thought I found the right shade, and it was- almost, but again a bit light. Another thing too was that it ended up being patchy and streaky in the middle of the day, and at times making me look ashy!

We'll see how it goes, but in case you are interested, here are the prices for the Prescriptives Custom Blend:

Liquid Foundation: $65 USD
Loose Powder: $45

Pricey but worth it! And they give you a free travel size too!

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FeiFei said...

Ick. I've been avoiding mineral makeup because it seems like so much work trying to find the right color and it's just not for some people. The raves do make it tempting though... lol. I have noticed that your foundation has been on the lighter side, so it's good you're kicking that foundation out the door!

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