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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clarins- Colour Fizz, 2008 Collection & Bourjois Collection


Clarins is coming out with their newest collection featuring bright colors (each eyeshadow single is $20), and their lipglosses look yummy!

Bourjois is also coming out with their newest collection, hitting Ulta stores next month including loose powdere eyeshadows in little pots [not pictured]!

Colored Liquid Eyeliners with Vibrant Color!


Liz said...

I love Bourjois!!! I've tried nearly all their products and have seldom been disappointed. Their 'Suivez Mon Regard -Loose Powder Eyeshadows' have been available over here for years. The texture is smooth and the colours vibrant. The Clubbing line came out last year, a couple of months before Christmas. While I don't care much for the Volume Clubbing mascara (I find the brush too big and awkward for me), I love the Liner Clubbing liners, especially the blue, green, and purple. They leave such an intense finish!

Esraa said...

I bought the Volume Clubbing mascara when I was in Europe over Xmas break, and OMG it sucks! So clumpy and gooey, just gross and completely useless. It cost me $21 USD. CG Lash Blast is a million times better and costs only $7. MACs Plushlash is better than Clubbing too, and much cheaper.

Liz said...

I second Esraa's opinion of the Volume Clubbing mascara - clumpy and gooey, a definite no-go!

Elizabeth said...

wow $20 for single eyeshadow! The liners looks YUM~ especially the purple one.

Mrs. Lynne said...

Can I just have a credit card that I don't have to pay back?

christianadivine said...

i like the colors that the model is wearing in the ad. :] i rarely go to to ulta (closest one is in pasadena) so i probably won't be getting anything. maybe after one of your raves i'll haul butt out there. LOL.

Grayburn said...

Oh they look delish and so vibrant!


MakeupByRenRen said...

oh i can't wait for the liquid liners! i loveeeee bright liners :)

Special K said...

I've played around a little with the Clubbing liners…and while normally I like Bourjois a lot I wasn't too impressed with these. The water based texture makes them really tacky to the touch and they take quite a bit of time to dry unlike my got to have Rimmel liquid liners. For the price you'd pay you can get two Rimmel liners as well.

Anonymous said...

The liquid liners are ok. They really do last a very long time. They claim 9 hours but I didn't really time time. Just a warning about the mascara, it is made with vinyl. So if you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts I wouldn't recomend the mascara.

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