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Monday, January 7, 2008

Everyday Minerals Haul!


I am SUPER tired. I didn't sleep for a whole entire day. Meaning I woke up at 12pm SUNDAY, and I haven't slept since then...why? I suffer from insomnia. I can never sleep on time, and basically my body can be tired, but my mind is WIDE awake. 5AM rolled around and I was STILL awake, there was absolutely no use in trying to fall asleep as I would've had to wake up an hour later to get ready for work and because I would feel more tired than if I were to just stay I just sat in my bed nestled in my down comforter with my iPhone under my pillow just in case I dozed off, my alarm on my phone would blare.

But instead I left for work dreading another Monday stuck in traffic with stupid drivers. I come home only to find I have a much anticipated package waiting for me from Everyday Minerals AND a MAC envelope for an exclusive sneak peak at the N collection!

I thought id blog to save you gals from any boredom! LOL. I received some of your questions (stressedbum and Row) I'll reply to you ladies tomorrow after I get some much needed sleep! I apologize but my eyes feel heavy like bowling balls!

I bought from EDM: 3 Blushes (Waffle Cone, All Smiles, and Weekend Getaway), I stocked up on Waffle Cone as it is one of my favorite EDM blushes! I also ordered their African Soap (which sounds so delicious with its natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and aloe) to help fight acne and keep skin clean, 2 of their eyeshadows (Scented Candles and Baby Bath, gorgeous colors!), and 2 of their lip balm sticks (Siesta and Natural). I love the Siesta lip color! I also got their new EDM Facial/Makeup Wipes, and OH MY GOSH they smell so delicious! A nice heavenly scent of Lavender and they are quilted to get into tough spots and remove dirt and bacteria. And it's a big pack of wipes to last a very long time!

I even got the FREE gift since I spent over $30 which were the 3 brushes you see here and "Gingerbread" eyecolor and "Tinsel Time", both are so beautiful!

I also bought Covergirl "Forever Fig" eyeshadow and NYC "Iced Orchid" Lipgloss, gotta stock up! I love the "Forever Fig" color, it's a nice deep burgundy/purple color.

SWATCHES (without flash in normal light and with flash)


Elizabeth said...

Waffle cone is my fav blush too! Weekend get away looks lovely too!

You should do a FOTD/ROTD of tinsel time and gingerbread man, i have those colors too and have yet to try them out!

nilla cookie said...

Ooo, Tinsel Time looks beautiful! I keep saying that I'm going to get into the greens since I haven't in so long - now I have to add this to my list!

All Smiles looks like it would be a fun one for summer!

Hope you get some sleep girl!

Mrs. Lynne said...

I wish I would have gotten Waffle Cone with my sample. I remember you writing something about 'Email Me' so that's the one that I got. Waffle Cone looks reeeally pretty though. Lovely haul sis!

christianadivine said...

nice haul. :] i was actually thinking of getting their cleansing wipes on my next order because someone was commenting on how big they are and how they'd last a long time, just like you said. LOL. :P

Izar said...

I just placed my first EM order yesterday! I got a sample kit a two eye-shadows: Baby Bath (thanks for the photo, I think I made a good choice) and Spin Cycle. I'm super excited, but it will take some time for it to arrive to Hungary, so I had better cool down a bit. :-)

I really feel for you and wish you a good night's rest! (Thank you for the EM swatches too!) said...

You have a great blog here. Had fun looking through your picture tutorials.

alien man?! said...

Insomnia's been kicking my butt pretty hard, too. Ugh, to be a woman in her 20s this day in age...

Hang in there, Nessa. One of these days, we'll be chilling in rocking chairs, knitting and giving each other makeovers.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

thanks for the swatches! i'm looking forward to getting my haul, hopefully soon :)

alien man?! said...

PS I just noticed that the lip glosses come packaged like lip balm! What's your take on this? Is it better to apply it that way?

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa, was just wondering, regarding the everday minerals. Do they ship internationally you think? I would love to get a sample of it. I've been trying to get a hold of mineral-based foundations but back in my country, they don't have them. Thanks!

- Casey -

Anonymous said...

hey vanessa let us know how that soap works! I was debating whether or not to get that with my order... you are so talented!

Vanessa said...

Liz- I got a FOTD soon!

Nilla- Thanks, can never get enough sleep!

Lynne- I love EDM blushes, "email me" is a pretty color too! You'd like waffle cone!

Chris- HAHA, yeah they are HUGE wipes, they smell great, let's see how many I can use if any dry out!

Izar- You welcome! Glad you enjoyed it, let me know how you like your EDM!

Thank you eyeshadowcult!

Alienman- I can't wait for that day to come! I wanna be the old lady that stays in a small apartment with her 200 cats! haha and we can knit each one of them sweaters! OH! And I do love the lipbalm/chapstick style they got going, since it's really sheer subtle color, it's just like you are putting chapstick and gosh do my lips feel so soft!

Arashi- Let me know when you get your haul! I love when packages arrive! I am looking forward to your swatches and thoughts!

Casey- I believe they DO ship internationally, it's best to contact them and find out for sure.

Mae- I will definitely let you know how the soap is, I tried it last night in the shower and I love the smell and I felt really nice and clean, it's kinda odd though because it's black soap so when it gets sudsy its BLACK, you almost feel like you are THAT dirty LOL, but gotta keep telling yourself its the soap! LOL

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey sis! I've been getting no sleep too, that's what happens when we're too smart for our own good with those overachieving active brains ;)

anywho..he he...oh la la look at the lovely haul...those free eyeshadows are fantabulous...kinda wish I got those wipes instead of the MAC ones, darn! can't wait to see what gorgeous creations you come up with :)

mayaari said...

nice haul :) I love the waffle cone blush, but Email me works better for my oh-so-conservative office since it has less shimmer, haha.

Forever Fig looks so pretty - have you done a FOTD/EOTD with that shade?

Hope you're able to get some sleep tonight!

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Ooooh nice haul! I've never tried EDM but the colours are beautiful. The blush colours are just gorgeous! Are they matte or shimmery? They look matte but it's hard to tell. And yay N Collection!

Ethereal Prey said...

Nice haul! You're making me want to buy more makeup now! QQ I have the same green shirt!!!! :)

Pearl said...

I wanna see the lipcolors on your lips.

Vanessa said...

Ren! Thanks sis! Yeah these wipes are yummy, the MAC ones are a bit too wet sometimes...LOL.

Mayarri- I haven't done a FOTD yet using the forever fig e/s since I just got this eyeshadow yesterday, but i'll do one soon! I did use it however on the outer-V of a look I did today using my EDM haul items, but i'll do one solely using this eyeshadow.

Psychoexgf- Their blushes are both matte and shimmery depending on which ones you get, the waffle cone is very shimmery, reminds me of a MAC beauty powder, however the weekend getaway and all smiles are matte.

Jen- Aren't I an enabler??? LOL.

Pearl- I just got them yesterday so I haven't had time to swatch them yet (and because I had no sleep whatsoever), so I will soon!

Row said...

*hand up* I have insomnia too. It's awful ain't it.

Ooooh do you have any additional info on the MAC N collection. I need to wait for it to release in the UK though, but it looks so GOOD. :D

Will reply to your email now x

Linda said...

oooh! please update us in a month or so and tell us how the soap is! i'd do anything for clearer skin. lol. the ingredients sounds great!

Divine Blackness said...

Ohhhh, fab haul!!!

Anonymous said...

hi vanessa, ur blog is very informative :) i was wondering how u like siesta lip balm (i.e. isit the color sheer, does it require frequent application etc) and do u happen to have a swatch of it? keep up the gd job!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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