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Thursday, January 24, 2008



I just realized that my makeup bag is Fafi for Le Sports Sac!

Amazing... the things you learn on the internet....


Mrs. Lynne said...

All hail Fafi!

Linda said...

lol!! that's awesome

jewels said...

I love the makeup bag, it has all the zippers u need!!! love it!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

thats awesome! and i want one of those Fafi handbags! but i don't see them listed for sale on the website...are they in stores only?

millie said...

hi vanessa,
i found your blog while i was on the Muse's blog and I've been reading it for a while now it's quite interesting to see the different looks you can do with the eyeshadows. i find it so tough. anyway, i have this palette by Lavshuca wintermake collection in 01, i hope you've heard of that brand. i'm wondering if you have any tips on how to do a sort of subtle smoky look with that palette. i never really do the whole smoky eye look cuz i don't wanna look too dramatic lol and i'm not sure how to really blend it properly and where etc. i usually do a gradation sorta look, then use the dark color as a liner, but that seems so boring so i'm hoping you could help me out. or if you could do a FOTD with similar colors *hint hint* lol thanks!

(g)ezebel said...

sooo, does this mean you don't need to buy the MAC fafi cosmetic bag? :0P

yummy411 said...

i agree! great bag! i read about all the collabos that she's done with other companies before MAC, i'm surprised we haven't seen stuff sooner... but apparently you have! great find!

nilla cookie said...

Oh Vanessa, we always knew you were ahead of the times with Fafi!

Now you have to go get Fafi for MAC to fill it up!

kaikai said...

hi there ate vanessa....
we have the SAME bag..COOL^__^
i love all the zippers...^^

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow look at you mis trend setter, he he...i love that bag by the way :)

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