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Monday, January 28, 2008

Valentine's Day Look #1 and #2- Hot Sexy Red Lips


Valentine's Day is around the corner ladies! And for you single sexy ladies, you do NOT need a man to look hot! So primp yourself up and have fun! Valentine's Day shouldn't deter you from looking extra cute, so grab all your girlfriends and get the attention of all the single guys!

For you ladies who have that special man in your life who treats you as if Valentine's Day is 365 (366 on leap years!), then show him what you have been hiding under your everyday look! It's amazing what a little color can do!

Similar to my Holiday Look this is more simple and played down, since I only used two eyeshadows to complete this look. The focal point is obviously the lips, so you don't want to over-do the eyes and make it too much too handle.

You always want a balance in your look, if you are going to do a bright pair of lips, then tone down the eyes, a smoky eye look, then go with a neutral pink lip. Just like if you were wearing a tube top, paired with jeans and you look adorable, paired with a short skirt, you look hoochie, you want BALANCE.

The lips are pretty red, but to some computer monitors, they may look a bit pink...

What I used:


- Camellia Rose Skin Soothing Primer
- MAC StudioFinish Concealer NC30
- Silk Naturals Foundation (Buttery Gold)


- Milani "Cherries on Top" Blush

- MAC Paint Pot in "Soft Ochre" as base all over the lid
- MAC Pigment in "Your Ladyship"
- Pure Luxe e/s in "Cashmere"
- Nixie Liquid Eyeliner
- Covergirl Lashblast Mascara
- Nobi Kohl Eyeliner on lowerlashline (smudged)


- NYC Lipstick in "Retro Red"
- AVON Lip Radiance in "Rich Red"


This morning's look was subdued, I just used NYX single eyeshadow in "Rust", I know this look may look a bit goth and make me look somewhat 'dead', but I like it for some reason, nice mysterious look....for the lips I used, MAC l/s in "Masque", and Sally Hansen Diamond Lipgloss in "Champagne" over it.

I also got a new lipstick from Rimmel (surprise surprise!) they are coming out with a new lipstick line (thank goodness), I am not a fan of their current ones...

This one is called "Airy Fairy", lovely nudish pink lipstick and gotta love the name!


mrslanielovesmac said...

Wow! The colors look really good on you especially the red lipstick. I really like the first one. I'll go for the second one when I'm in bed with my hun (lol). Great job!! Maybe I'll create a V-day look too.

Elizabeth said...

i love the lips in the second FOTD! Those red lips look hot!

wi said...

i love ur hair in this post! <3

aquadisia said...

that first picture is amazing! your hair looks so luscious and you look so youthful and vibrant!! thanks for sharing :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

ohhh pretty, I love both! Bright blushes and lips always look so good on you...I need to kick up by blush game a notch and be bolder in picking colors...bright fuscia blush, here I come!

you're gonna be a hot mama for valentines day, don't forget to take pics and share them with the fam :) (you know I meant us right he he)

monica said...

That's what I was going to say. Great hair! What did you do? I need to know ;)

Bliss said...

I love the red lipstick on you, it made your lips more luscious heheh, i can never really pull of the red red colour on my lips, and the makeup combo was beautiful.

christianadivine said...

love both the looks. :] very pretty. :] i like the look that you did with the rust eyeshadow too, i don't think you look gothic at all, just gorgeous. ;)

(g)ezebel said...

love the valentine's look; and the second look -- it's like you're a sexy vampiress. heehee

Vanessa said...

Thank you Lanie! Haha I bet if you did a hot sexy look you and your hubby would be in bed for a week! You naughty kids! LOL.

Thanks Liz! :)

Thank you Wi! Surprisingly, I don't do ANYTHING to my hair, it's usually tied to the back or up, and when I let it fall, has that wavy beachy look to it...

Thank you Aquadisia! I haven't been taking good care of my hair lately so I am glad it still looks decent! LOL!

Sis Ren! Thank you mahal! Yeah I am in a blush and lippie phase right now, that it's ALL im buying! I think you would look gorgeous with colored cheeks!

oOOh And I WILL take some pics, you do the same! Everyone loves pics! haha

Hi Monica! Thank you girly! I honestly don't do anything to it, I tie it in the back and sleep on it damp sometimes, and it cmes out wavy naturally! I am pretty lazy in the AM so I hardly curl or straighten when I am just heading to work, so it's usually "un-tamed". LOL

Thank you Bliss! You are so sweet! I hardly wear red because it's too "out there" but for V-day, why not!

Thank you SIS Christiana! Gotta love V-day any special plans with you and your man?

Thanks sis Gezebel!

the Muse said...

looking as gorgeous as ever Miss 'Nessa!

Love the red lips!


Bionic Beauty said...

I love both looks, but the rust one is really creative, and nice and simple. You always are so creative with your makeup. :)

And yes, I agree with everyone else, your hair does look amazing!


Fei said...

I really like the second look, but I do have a bias for bold eyes and toned down lips.

shades of hue said...

You should smile more often in photos. You look amazing in the first pic!

mayaari said...

love the eyes in the first look - and they go so well with the hot hot red lips!

Sheila said...

Great smile girl! I agree, you should smile more. :)
I really like that second look too. It's totally mysterious and intriguing. Ooooh, scandalous! haha

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

you wear red lips so well! i still don't like the way i look with red lips.
hmm airy fairy lipstick looks great on you, i simply must check it out tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the second look! the red is so seductive! ow ow! but I wouldn't put red on the bottom as it almost looks gothic or emo or something lol but otherwise it's gorgeous!

brittni said...

comment above from brittni sorry :) i always get too excited and hit send lol

Aly said...

I LOVE the second FOTD!
For a second there, you looked like Hilary Duff, well to me, lol. I think it was the hair =]

Stephie said...

i love both looks! the first looks so sweet and lovely, but the second one i'm LAHUUUVING! the red seems to bring out the mahogany in your eyes... i'm terrible at describing things but your eyes just go wow for me :)

yummy411 said...

great fotd for vday! my avon pusher is showing off a great red gloss for us ;) hahaha

mandilicious said... are so pretty!


I love the 2nd look, I got rust coming in the mail from cherryculture so I can not wait to play in it after seeing this :)

Mrs. Lynne said...

Gorgeous sis! Jon is a lucky man. Your lips look like little red hearts!! How cute is that. How come I didn't get the heart-shaped lips genes? I'm going to have to talk to Mom and Dad about that ;)

Daycee said...

Hey Vanessa, I really like the lip color on the second look. I tried to find that color, but I don't think Mac still have it. *sigh* Is there any way to find the perfect lip color without trying it on the lips? Cause sometimes, especially with the drugstore's make up, u can't try it on. Thank u so much!! Love ur blog!! It's my daily food now! LOL

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Vanessa, it's like you're reading my mind! I was just thinking about grabbing that Rimmel lipstick this morning and I was wondering what kind of look I wanted to do for Valentine's Day. Great post!

Esmeralda said...

I absolutley LOVE both of these looks, maybe red is your color?! Red lips and subdued eyes do not look good on me, but look at you! And then I looove the redish eyeshadow look, THIS I do like on myself ;)


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