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Monday, January 28, 2008

Silk Naturals Recipe


I have received many, many questions about Silk Naturals, if it's easy to do (make), how do I like it compared to other mineral makeup companies, etc. So I have listed SOME of my favorite companies and what I really like about them. I love their foundation. Why? Because it gives me coverage I can build, lasts all day, goes on smooth, doesn't cause me to break out, AND the best part? Allows me to create my OWN foundation that matches my skintone. It is VERY easy to do and they send you a recipe with anything you order. You can use the scoop to scoop ratio, in which they have how a formula based on how many scoops of white powder, is how many scoops of the brown powder you use. I personally don't have the patience, so I pour all of the white powder in a jar, and little by little start adding scoops of the brown powder. (I add about 8-12 scoops of the brown powder depending on how much white powder I have). I love Mad Minerals because it's a one stop shop for me, I can get mineral eyeshadows, lippies, primer, jars, foundation, etc all in one place. I really love their mineral eyeshadows, they have such a variety of gorgeous colors. I also like their foundations. and PureLuxe Cosmetics are awesome sites for mineral eyeshadows! They both just have an endless amount of colors and combinations, and when applied wet, makes such a vibrant color. Pure Luxe also has a variety of things from blushes, foundations, primer, skincare, brushes, etc. I love their Calamine Soap!

Everyday Minerals- They have such gorgeous eye colors and blushes! My favorites are "Email Me" and "Waffle Cone", although it's really hard to just choose one favorite! They also have great brushes and soaps, and really nice lip colors! They also have makeup wipes that are great!

MMBB (My Minerals Bath & Body)- Lisa is just so incredibly nice and sweet! I also love her foundation (medium beige), and she too has gorgeous eye colors!

KT The owner is very nice and helpful as well! This site also has a variety of items to choose from, however I was not able to find a foundation that matched me here...

There are many more sites I enjoy, I just can't think of them all at the moment, but they all bring something to the table most definitely!

Now on to the Silk Naturals Recipe (at least the way I do it!)

So you got your package in the mail, now what do you do!??

Pour the brown scoops...little by little add a couple scoops till you reach your desired shade. Test in different light conditions on your face NOT your hand! With flash, without flash, natural light, etc.


chloe said...

is that your avon nail 'polish' thing? ;]

if it is, i think it looks better over black.

Vanessa said...

Haha hello Chloe! lol nope, it's not the AVON Nail strips, it's actually left over pink polish from a French Manicure I got a few weeks ago, I am so lazy when it comes to my nails! I gotta get them done again soon...and I do agree though, it looks better over black!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried any of the physician's formula products? I tried the blush and loved it. I'm tempted to buy a whole bunch of their products. They look so pretty.

Can you review some of their products? I especially want to get my hand on this shadow.


Elizabeth said...

thats neat mixing your own shade of foundation. *lemming!*

Mrs. Lynne said...

You know sis. Of all the samples I have, Silk Naturals is the one that matches me the best. But it must be the whole getting used to mineral foundation thing because I just cannot get over smell of the minerals no matter which company. Am I retarded? Do you smell them too??

MakeupByRenRen said...

Hey sis,

I got the silk minerals samples, along with some from everyday minerals. The weird thing is that mineral makeup seems to make my skin oily. I always wear primer underneath, and typically have extremely dry skin. Do you know why this is? I'd love to wear mineral makeup more often, especially since I got the fab flat top brush from Camellia-Rose but I don't like the oily thing...this never happens to me when I use studiotech or mineralized satinfinish foundation...any ideas?

(g)ezebel said...

interesting, verrrry interesting. i didn't know you could actually "make" your own mineral foundation. i've got to try this...

nilla cookie said...

Wowsers! I'm too lazy to mix my own makeup but it looks pretty easy!

How long did it take before you found your correct shade? I'd probably go through a couple batches before I get it right..

yummy411 said...

i appreciate this because i've been interested in mad minerals, fyrinnae and silk naturals thanks to shawnta =)

Anonymous said...

Is there a smell for mineral makeup? How come I never smell anything?

Anonymous said...

I love your look! i just ordered silk naturals and i was just wondering if i should get the warm one or the buttery golden one. Im NC25 in mac and have yellow undertones. have you tried both of them out? thank you! :D

Christal said...

I been using silk naturals for about 2 months now and I love it. Karen the owner ships super fast and I live in CANADA! She really cares about her customers and she is super nice, great service!

I would get buttery gold, I tried warm gold and it was just too dark for me, not enough yellow you know....I looked liked dirt hahahhaa
One thing about it though I have suoer oily face so I kinda get oily at end of day even with the use of a primer. I use proactive primer)

standupforme said...

I can never find a foundation that truly matches my skin tone. Maybe I'll give this a try. Does butterly gold work for people with olive or yellow undertones?

alexismae said...

I can't wait to try this. Just ordered mine in the buttery gold. I also have problems finding the right shade. I've tried Avon and KT Naturals. While Avon was totally wrong for me, the KT Naturals was great in the winter time, but now that I've been in the sun and have already tanned a bit. It makes sense for me to get the Silk Naturals so I can alter my foundation as the seasons turn from Spring to Summer =D

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