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Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's in YOUR purse?


So a few of my fellow blog ladies have been "tagged" to show what's in their purse, I've been tagged by Grayburn, I also did a video, sorry it's crappy quality again, I was using the MACbook in poor lighting!

So ladies, what's in YOUR purse?! Inquiring minds want to know!

Gotta have my iPhone, wallet of course, and the GPS! Ok, ok, and maybe a lipgloss!


Michelin said...

I've seen these 'whats in your purse' things before and I think they're so interesting! I'm in love with your wallet, I can't believe you found it at Target. And I'm a little jealous of the iPhone. Also, how cute are you?!

Vanessa said...

Hi Michelin! How are ya? Thanks so much! Haha I know I can't believe I got that wallet at Target either! Especially because they usually have "old lady" wallets, bleh! And gosh I love the iPhone, I can control the world with it! HAHA ok well, maybe not, but at least MY world! :)

Fei said...

OMG, I thought I was the only one who felt that way about AKPsi drama! Turns out, everyone just keeps it to themselves... lol. Don't get me wrong, I love the group and what it stands for, but daaaaamn it's annoying sometimes.

I cannot live without my gps either. Before I got it, I would call Vernon up for directions... HAHA. I'm the worst when it comes to directions and street names.

MrsDiaz said...

After reading this entry, I have a reader request hehe..make an entry on essential things you need in a makeupbag for your purse. I have os much stuff in mine, and would love to see what your thoughts are. Can you tell I'm still awake and really have nothing to do? hehe btw I look super young at work since I dont wear any makeup really. I find that wearing makeup during the wee hours of the night is probably not a good idea since your skin should be rejuvenating at those hours.


iphone!!!!!! i'm so jealous!

Girl Meets Makeup said...

You're so cute! :) And nnnniiiccceeee phone! I'd love to get my hands on one of those.

GPS it totally my holy grail. It almost died on me while I was driving around in SF one time (because I didn't fully charge it), and I almost had a meltdown contemplating how I was going to get out of SF with no GPS, lol.

Mrs. Lynne said...

Jon is with you WHEREVER you go! So cute. I have an iddy biddy little cutout of Hubbo in my wallet but only use that wallet when I actually use that purse, lol.

And I love G2s!!! Love it, love it, love it!

Anne said...

you're soo cute! i miss your face! next week we should plan for dinner. i should be able to grub by then!!

heehee this video is so entertaining love it!

so it's been awhile since i last saw/talked to you. makes me sad! withdrawals i'm telling you!

Marie said...


I'm thinking about getting a portable GPS as well. I was gonna get one installed in my car, but it cost almost $2000- that's a vacation! Any helpful information is appreciated.


Vanessa said...

Marie! I have a GARMIN NUVI 350 and I love it! My bf got it for me, I think it's around $350+...

Julie said...

Portale GPS? I should get one! I can only drive myself to about 3 shopping centres and 3 of my relatives' place. Everywhere else and I'm lost.

The iPhone looks so sleek!

I'll comment again tomorrow when I've watched the video! :D

christianadivine said...

your purse says that you like handheld gadgets! LOL. :] How cuttteee are you. :D My purse video would be boring because I always use small purses. Haha! :P

Style IT said...

Great post! I am curious about the iphone but I love my blackberry so much I don't know if I could give it up!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i'm a big purse girl too, woo hoo! but yah i totally need a personal GPS now that I think of it...i really suck at directions...even places around where I live I just can't remember! your boo is awesome at gift giving by the way! thanks for making the vid though...more more more!

Anna said...

For some reason, I like the way you talk =) Very informative, you don't mess up, and cute! lol. I love your phone too.

nilla cookie said...

I just posted what was in my bag a few days ago. It's pretty much the same, I just switched out a couple of lipglosses this morning. :)

Love your pink iPhone protector, girl! Can't wait to watch the video, I'm at work right now so I can't.. booo

savannah said...

I love your iphone cover!! Where did you get it? :)

(g)ezebel said...

thank goodness i don't hafta drive too many places except to the mall and back home and to the ferry building (to get to work) and back home. if i did drive more (my hubby does all the driving), i'd hafta get one of those GPS thingies, too!! hey, i have an iPhone in a pink case!! have you seen the gold case, studded with diamonds? it's $20,000! yikes!!

yummy411 said...

yes, your purse says that you are organized, like handhelds,... and thru other posts... YOU ARE AN AVON PUSHER LOL.. i swear, i look at avon catalogs a little harder now. the iphone is too cute. omg if i don't get a gps i'm gonna die! i was trying to go to an open house for my son and i missed it because i kept getting lost and paying $2 for directions from sprint is a biyotch! :'(((( i'm tired of being lost.. and i'm tired of planning on getting one! booo! another electronic to charge up at night =(((( batteries, phone, gps... womp womp! LOL

i've been tagged so look out for my post!

Vanessa said...

Thank you everyone!

Anna- Haha thanks! I hate my voice, I think I sound weird then what I hear in my head! I am loving the iPhone!

Thanks Nilla!

Savannah- I got the case at a kiosk in the mall by my work...

Gezebel- Yay! Our iPhones are twins! LOL. WHOA! That's not worth any case, TOO expensive!

Kia (yummy)- haha an AVON PUSHER, LOL! I am changing my SN to that now, haha! I love the iPhone! And yeah I have a Garmin Nuvi 350 (GPS) I like it a lot, it's portable too with a case! Oh yeah you definitely need one especially if you have kids and you gotta be everywhere!

Grayburn said...

Hey Vanessa!

Great that you joined in the fun! Whoa you have such a stuffed makeup bag hehe. I love that you have so many gadgets in your purse and that avon mirror is cool! Thanks for doing a video on it as well :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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