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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another avid reader testimonial!


thank you so much! i enjoy reading your blogs!

I recently bought the ponds eye cream, it was 10$ at Walmart, i actually like it a lot! it works on me, and when i put it on, my usually puffy eyes are gone in the morning =]

I also bought the Fiberwig Mascara at Sephora that you recommended. it is an awesome product! i have asian eyes so my eyelashes are very thing and short but with the mascara it extends it without the clumps and heaviness of some mascaras. my only complaint about the product is that the fibers tend to get in my eye and irritates it. but other than that i love it!

also, the Evian spray is a great tool after putting on foundation or powder, because it sets it in without looking matte and makes you look fresh and clean!

your the greatest!

<3 jen


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