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Monday, July 9, 2007

Reader Questions: Eye Cream


Q: hi vanessa. i was wondering how long it took for you to get your everyday minerals shipped? i ordered mines about a week and a half ago with regular shipping =] thanx

btw. would you happen to kno a good eye cream?

<3 jen

A: Hi Jen! It didn't take that long, id say not even a week for me, it really also depends WHEN you order it, I know there are some websites that have a time cut off for purchases (i.e. you purchase AFTER 2pm, it will be shipped tomorrow, before that same day type thing), also if you order on a FRIDAY, it most likely won't be shipped until Tuesday since they still have to process it. If you created an account with them, it should show you the STATUS of your order, if anything, try giving them a call and see where your package might be, let me know if you receive it as well as if you like it or not, I would love to hear it!

As for eye creams, I used a POND'S eye cream LONGGGGG time ago for dark circles but didn't see a difference so I returned it. But the eyes are definitely something we need to take care of, the area around the eye is VERY delicate and of course our eyes say a lot, they can show signs of stress, fatigue, and dark circles.

To reduce puffiness, your best bet is to treat the affected area with a lightweight eye gel containing chamomile, green tea, cucumber, or aloe. I would also recommend drinking plenty of fluids, using a cool compress or some cucumber slices.

L'Oreal Revitalift Eye (around $10) moisturizes the eye area, and absorbs quickly and completely without feeling greasy or heavy. Revitalift Eye easily compares in quality to more expensive creams from Clarins (Extra Firming Eye Contour Cream $42.50), Bobbi Brown (Eye Cream $32.50) or Lancome (Primordiale Yeux $40) - all without the sticker shock. Remember: price does not always equal quality. Just because an eye cream costs $50 and claims to erase years from your face doesn't mean it will.

Avon Anew Perfect Eye Care Cream SPF 15 ($12.50) includes sun protection, which helps prevent wrinkles from sun damage, and its lightweight texture absorbs quickly, perfect for under makeup.

***MY FAVORITE***Pond's Soothing Cucumber Eye Treatments
(around $8 for jar of 24) can! With cucumber, green tea, chamomile, cornflower, orange peel, and rose hip extracts, plus aloe vera gel and vitamin E, these pads feel heavenly after a long day, or while soaking in the tub. Keep them in the fridge for the ultimate cooling sensation.

Clinique All About Eyes
($25) is, in my opinion, the best of Clinique's selection of eye creams. It successfully combines the benefits of a gel (reduces puffiness, feels cooling and soothing on the skin) with the moisturizing and smoothing properties of a cream. The texture is very silky and makes a fantastic base for eye makeup without crumbling or creasing.

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much! i enjoy reading your blogs!

i reccently bought the ponds eye cream, it was 10$ at walmart, i actually like it a lot! it works on me, and when i put it on, my usually puffy eyes are gone in the morning =]

i also bought the figwig at sephora that you recomended. it is an awesome product! i have asian eyes so my eyelashes are very thing and short but with the mascara it extends it withought the clumpiness and heaviness of some mascaras. my only complaint about the product is dat the fibers tend to get in my eye and irritates it. but other than that i love it!

also, the evian spray is a great tool after putting on foundation or powder, bcuz it sets it in without looking matte and makes you look fresh and clean!

your da greatest

<3 jen

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