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Monday, July 30, 2007

Reader Question: Concealer/RE: Before and After Post


Q: I think you are very bold in posting a before picture. I could never do that. Well at least without concealer for my undereye circles. Which concealer do you use? And how exactly should one apply it? I have Mac studiofix i think and i don't know if i'm applying it wrong but it always cakes up. when i tried smashbox, I got the same result.

A: Haha, well yes I AM "bold", but it's really not about being bold, I know many gals who are scared to put "natural, no-makeup" pics, especially online! But the truth is, we can't be insecure about ourselves, I know we are human and it's natural to FEEL insecure, heck I do at times; but makeup shouldn't be a MASK to hide ourselves from the world.

I mean we see celebrities that we idolize on magazines without makeup *OH NO!*, and people are quick to say "gosh she is ugly without makeup", but we say that because we are so used to them being made up [and they have the money to have a makeup artist and a hair stylist to make them look gorgeous], but ANYONE, and I MEAN ANYONE can look smoking hot with their hair and makeup done and it takes a lot of guts to show people what you look like without the "mask". But if it was opposite, a girl who we are used to seeing WITHOUT makeup, she is normal, but let's say she gets ready for her wedding day and gets her hair and makeup done, everyone is like "damn! she is hot! I never knew she was so pretty", it really just depends how people choose to perceive it.

Putting "before" pics of myself is me showing you people that I am human, I am an average girl you'd see walking down the street, and like many of you, I DO have flaws and imperfections, and makeup helps covering those up. As a past model, people think "oh she is beautiful", or "oh she is too ugly", and it's all makeup and photoshop people!

This photo was taken by Brian for [when it was a running site], Katie B did my makeup for the shoot [very talented and awesome gal], gorgeous work huh! And if you go to some of my older posts where I have little or no makeup, it's a HUGE difference! I DO NOT look like this in REAL-LIFE btw.....




I use Physician's Formula Perfecting Duo, it's a cream palette that I apply with my fingers, the yellow is to hide dark circles, and the skin colored side covers the yellow.

I also use Revlon's Makeup Concealer Compact in "Nude Beige", I apply this when I am FINISHED with my eye makeup, and I apply it under my eye for a creamier finish and so it lasts all day.

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Nan said...

Your photo for: , what eye shadow and lip gloss are you wearing, Love It!!!


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