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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beauty Trick: Vaseline


Good 'ol Vaseline, so why is this a beauty trick you ask? Well if you don't have or can't afford eye primer [since some brands ARE outrageously expensive], try using a thin layer of Vaseline as an eye primer. It 1.) Softens the delicate skin around your eye, 2.) It has a somewhat sticky texture which allows your eyshadow to sorta "stick" to it, so it stays on longer AND it seems to magnify the pigment of your eyeshadow (sorta like when you get your hair wet and it seems darker than it is when it's dry).

Vaseline also makes a great lip balm!


Eva_school said...

Hey! Thanks for all of your tips!!

lilaleahg said...

Hey Vanessa. I have a question: does Vaseline cause the eye shadows to crease?

And thanks for the tips, you're such a beautiful person inside and out. So far your website has helped me out a lot. I've learned so much just by being here.

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