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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Flirt! Cosmetics and Essence of Beauty AirBrush Primer Review


Essence of Beauty "Airbrush Primer" Review:

I give this product 3 out of 5 stars. Reason being 1.)It doesn't smell all that great, it doesn't have a strong smell or anything, I think it's because it LACKS fragrance that it smells sorta Plastic-y, 2.) I can't describe the feeling when you put it on because its definitely one I have never felt, you put a little on your hands and you can feel the primer, it feels like a lotion, but when you start to spread it on your face, it's like powder and you no longer feel the "lotion" aspect of it if that makes any sense, its like it turns from cream to powder. Maybe that's the "airbrush" aspect of it...

I DO like how smooth, silky and soft it made my skin feel.

They say you learn something new everyday, and today I learned that Flirt! Cosmetics is part of M.A.C. cosmetics, yes MAC! So the pyramid goes like this:

ESTEE LAUDER (which OWNS MAC since MAC's founder died)>MAC Cosmetics>Flirt! Cosmetics.

No wonder I love them so much! Their makeup quality and pigments are the EXACT same as MAC, and a few dollars cheaper, they don't have as much color selection as MAC of course, but they are awesome! Also Vanessa Minnillo's new line from Flirt! is officially out in stores TODAY! She has the first eyeshadow palette in the collection and double ended lipgloss wands! (I already had those colors so I didn't buy 'em).

I bought "Im Whipped" Flirt Eyeshadow Mousse in "Sand Castle", and their eyeshadow in "Gold Envy". Sand castle is a nice shimmery beige-gold. I am going to go back tomorrow since the BF was rushing me (haha) and get more of the Mousse ("Good girl", "24KT", and "High Maintenance") because I am in love with this stuff, which makes a great highlighting base, it's also another cheap alternative to MAC Paints.

Close up so you can see the color:

Here is the "Gold Envy":


I also bought a 10-pack of cucumber pads for the eyes. It is supposed to rejuvenate tired, baggy, puffy eyes and diminish dark circles. It has Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Green Tea.

*BEAUTY TIP: Put them in the fridge before you use them, the coldness helps. :)

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Jacquelynas26 said...

I LUV LUV LUV this primer, i have tried most all the drugstore primers, Rimmel, Revlon, etc etc...i have yet found one that i really loved....UNTIL TODAY!! This primer works amazing.. very nice feeling to it it.. very smooth...NOT sticky not greasy, not yucky... it feels GREAT... BUT i would like to add like another reviewer just did...YES t has some type of luminizer in it.... which makes my face look AMAZING... so beautiful .....and Yes i looked in the Bright Sun today and my face looked so clear radiant natural.. i really can't explain it.... You will have to try and experiment with this as i did... and you will just Luv it... i know it! Also i would just like to add how i wear this... what i do is Put this Primer on...Essence Of Beauty... then i use Medium Beige MILANI Cream-To-Powder Gold compact make up..... i don't use powder foundation it just don't work for me.....for years I've used creamy foundation, Milani being the best everrrrrrr i get more compliments from that make up..LoL....ok so the Primer, Milani then maybe just a touch, JUST A TOUCH of that New make up there the..210 Maybelline FIT ME... and you may not even need that i rarely use both but sometimes. Because you want the Amazing glow from that Primer.... Just try it trust me on this. Jeez i have never done a review like this before... but i feel strongly about this. k girls ...take care and remember " Don't Hate.. Congratulate <3 Me

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