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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Moisturizing Mist Sprays


Q: hey nessa! i have a question. so i was wondering if you could recommend a cheap and effective hydrating/moisturizing mist spray? i've purchased the burt's bee's one but i'm wondering if you have any recommendations.

i'm planning on using this with my mineral makeup but i need something cheaper but just as effective.


A: (1)I highly recommend the hydrating mist by Decleor. It's around $15-$20. You can CLICK HERE to see the cheapest one I found. Fresh Hydrating Mist offers all the pleasure of a gentle and delicate moisturizing mist and releases a gorgeous floral scent. This mist moisturizes, refreshes, and de-stresses the skin. It sets and mattifies make-up. Your skin is replenished and soothed and you feel a delightful sensation of comforting freshness. Spray over the face after cleansing or any time of the day. I used this one time at a photoshoot and worked great!

(2)For people with SENSITIVE SKIN, I like Paula's Choice Silk Mist Moisturizing Body Spray (can also be used on the face). It's $14.95 for the 4oz. bottle or you can even get a SAMPLE SIZE for $.0.80 cents here: silk spray.
This imperceptibly light hydrating mist contains skin-conditioning plant oils, several antioxidants (including natural vanilla, which provides a pleasant, light scent), skin-silkening silicone, and anti-irritants that help dry skin feel unbelievably soft. THEY ALSO HAVE OTHER COOL STUFF ON THIS SITE.

# Absorbs quickly into dry or slightly damp skin
# Ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin
# Colorant-free

(3)The CHEAPEST ONE is at Sephora, from the same line of the makeup base, it's their Flash Spray for $12, has kiwi and citrus extracts, very vitamin-rich, perfect for a quick pick me up and leaves skin incredibly soft. Can also be used OVER makeup to help it set.

(4)For people who tan, or are always out in the sun and have some damaged skin, I liked ModelCo skin airbrush spray. It is loaded with vitamins an skin soothing aloes to help hydrate dry skin and keep it hydrates. It has a 360 degree nozzle to get to all areas of the face and body. ($30)

(5)HydrAction Deep Hydration Moisturizing Spray from Dior also sets makeup to last al day! ($30 at Sephora)

(6)Or some people just want the refreshing and classic EVIAN water spray which has a lot of minerals, and the best part, it's natural! Great for after exercising to help get the sweat off of you!


Christiana said...

hey nessa love. :] i think i'll try that sephora one. hehe. thank you for all the great suggestions.

whenever i get more money, i'll go try out some of the pricier ones. haha. :P

xMACwhoretteX said...

there is also one by soap&glory which works amazingly for the price.

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