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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Reader Question (For teenagers)


Q: Hi! I am 15 years old approximately, what make- up should be appropriate for a.) school and b.) for an evening walk with my friends?
Thank you so, so much in advance!


A: I suggest trying the natural look I posted a few weeks ago, especially since you are only 15 years old and have young, great skin, you don't need a lot of makeup, as you are at the age where acne and pimples can start. And for "age-apropriate" looks, the natural look [nude/neutral tones and very black mascara] is the way to go. To be honest, I didn't wear makeup until my first year in College, I wasn't even allowed to wear nailpolish in high school!

So I didn't "experiment" with makeup until I was 19. And perhaps that contributes to why I have been able to maintain great skin, because for a good duration of my teenage years, I wore nothing on my face but chapstick. I see TONS of teens at the mall wearing loads of black eyeliner, mascara, the works, and you can barely see their face! It just takes away from their natural beauty, remember makeup is to ENHANCE, not cover your face!

Some neutral eye shadows I recommend:


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