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Monday, July 2, 2007



C-Shock is the newest collection by MAC, consisting of a lot of BRIGHT summer colors (which of course fits my personality), so you can guess that I love this collection and will be making a few purchases!

I LOVE this look on EVE, it is Electric EEL and Bang on Blue:

I also bought some stack containers for my NYX Loose Powder Eyeshadow, since they are super tiny and have a very narrow neck, it can get messy during application, so I'll be placing each color in its container and then stack em up for travel!

*Also, they are awesome wet! I tried a wet application of these powder eyeshadows and they come out so bright and creamy, and lasts long!

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Marie said...

Where can you get those empty stacks?? Thanks for the NYX update. I haven't had time to go to Northridge Mall to stock up on NYX, but I did go to that Fashion Q on Devonshire/Balboa and picked up a few pieces. They didn't have any of the loose eyeshadows. I'll try Longs.

MAC makeup is always fun. I've filled up 2 of those 15 eyeshadow palettes!

How are the Milani eyeshadows? They look pretty good.

I bought an Essence of Beauty Kabuki Brush - its pretty big, but works well for putting on powder.

I also found some pretty good brushes at Walmart. Brushes by Beauty Stroke - I bought a Crease Definer and Smudge Brush for a total of $10!

I got my Everyday Minerals sample kit a couple days ago. I'm still trying to figure out which shade is best on me, but I do love that stuff.


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