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Thursday, July 12, 2007

My overnight bag and my MAC Refills ARRIVED!


My MAC eyeshadow refills and my MAC Paint in "Chiaroscuro" arrived today as well as my cute tote. I LOVE the chiaroscuro MAC paint, it's seriously my new fave! It's a nice muted beige/neutral color with a hint of shimmer, PERFECT as a highlighting base. My MAC eyeshadow refills are awesome too, I love "Bisque" and "Mulch".

Here is my overnight bag that arrived, it's super tiny and yet fits just enough for a weekend getaway:

Right when you open it:

Even has a BRUSH HOLDER and zippered pockets:

And when you expand the inside two-tier trays:

I also bought Essence of Beauty's "Airbrush Primer", I never knew they had a face primer until I walked into CVS today to get some VO5 and it was right there so I had to buy it and try it out. It was $10, I put a little on my hand to test the consistency and it is super soft! So i'll let you know how it works out, but by packaging alone, I get the feeling im going to love it!


Christiana said...

oOo! i didn't know they had a primer either. please update on how you like it, i'd LOVE to know. :]

Dhini said...

Where can buy I Airbrush primer ?

eye said...

Where did you buy your overnight bag?

Jessica said...

Thanks for posting this. I googled this and found a place that sells this bag, since no longer seems to.

I really wanted a nice make up bag to keep my loose mineral eye shadows and blushes upright that wasn't super expensive or shiny and metal. This will hold most of my stuff minus my brushes (that I would never put in a bag). Anyways thanks so much. Sharing your find is greatly appreciated.

BobbieSue.Gaffney said...

Hey Vanessa,
Did you get this bag from MAC? I just started doing makeup freelancing for proms and such so not only do I need a huge train case for everything but I also want something smaller for mor intimate "makeovers". So any suggestions on train cases and good travel bags would be awesome.
Thank you,
Bobbie Sue

BobbieSue.Gaffney said...

Hey Vanessa,
I just started freelancing and I need a couple of train cases. I need a huge one to store everything in the world (LOL) and I need one thats not so big but big enough for me to do one persons makeup. Any advice on train cases would be great and right now I don't really want to shell out to much dough.
Thank you,
Bobbie Sue

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