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Monday, July 2, 2007

Fan Brush Arrived!


Note for Miss Marie: Yeah the MAC palettes are awesome! It's the depotting part that just The Milani eyeshadows are actually pretty awesome, I love the way they come on and they are well pigmented for being a drugstore brand, another drugstore brand I like is the Isadora brand, usually at Walgreens. I AGREE, Wal-Mart has some awesome brushes, my foundation brushes are from there and they have lasted me such a long time, the only thing I hate about drugstore blush brushes or brushes with a lot of bristles, is that of course they tend to shed. As for the makeup stacks, I got them from, and YES, I do love mineral makeup now, despite the numerous amount of mineral makeup sites, hands down I am going with EVERYDAY MINERALS simply because I just love their guarantee, their samples, and just everything about it! So far I like 3 shades I don't remember them too well at the moment, but I think it's light olive, natural beige intensive, and natural tan I believe??? I am going to be ordering the full sizes soon...

I finally got my fan brush today after what seemed to be a week of's HUGE compared to what I imagined it to be, I guess it helps if I actually read the dimensions of things BEFORE I order them, haha, oh well I actually like it because it's big enough to sweep all the fallen eyeshadow on my cheeks during application, yet small and angled enough to get into small spaces like the sides of my nose and under my eye. I'll probably end up using it to clean the dust of my keyboard... TOTALLY KIDDING! haha

As you can see, it's almost the size of my head:

I also bought MUFE (Makeup Forever) eyeshadow in #143, and it's just such a gorgeous color, I can't really describe it, it's like a silver gray muted purple with an irridescent shimmer that's matte and not shiny or sparkly....get it? HAHA. It's beautiful though, I must say, I am really, REALLY liking MUFE products because their pigmentation is superb, im talking 5 stars! I went around Sephora today and absolutely no other brand (well NARS comes second), that is pigmented to perfection the way MUFE eyeshadows are. I like it because you honestly don't need to cake layers on to get the right amount of color you want, one or two swipes should do it! Basically, the color you see, is definitely the color you get, and I guess $18 isn't sooooo bad compared to MAC, which is $14, yet the pigmentation is such a huge difference, which goes back to why I think MAC isn't ALL THAT, because they lack the quality of NARS and MUFE. I would rather pay $4 more to get awesome colors, but dang $18 for ONE eyeshadow.....yikes!

I also love the NARS eyeshadows, there's just something about them I am in awe of....I am just not ready to shell out $21 for it. :(

I want to start going "out" of the box and start applying makeup on people just to gauge different ethnicities, skin tones, skin textures, etc. and just see if I can do it, to be honest, I AM SCARED to do makeup on people. I always think that they won't like it, they end up hating it and hating me lol. I am just so used to doing makeup on myself, only I know the temper of my skin, my imperfections, my depth of my overall lid capacity from lash line to eyebrow, and yada yada yada. I think i'll practice on my sister again when I see her next month.....haha


Christiana said...

that brush is freakn' ginormous! haha. :P what a cute picture of you. guess what nessa, like a couple hours after i saw your blog on your "bible." i went and found one on for like $4.00 used but in "like new" condition. haha.

i was thinking of getting a fan brush as well, to use with my finishing powder. where did you get yours? or better yet, is there any places or sites you suggest for fan brushes? thank you in advance missy. :]

Anonymous said...

woah O_o,that brush is huuuge!

Thalita said...

Hi Nessa,

I adore your blog. I'm from Brazil and I come to your blog every single day. It's just sad because most of the things you show on the blog don't sell here in Brazil. I tried to buy de MAC hello kitty brush holder but couldn't find on the internet:( I'm in love with this huge fan brush. Can you tell me where you bought it??? Maybe the site ships to Brazil:)

My email is
Bjus (Xoxo in portuguese)

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