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Sunday, July 15, 2007

How to find your skin type...


Some of you might have trouble finding out what kind of skin type you have, so here is a test you can do to figure out which type you have:

*Wash and dry your face and leave it unmoisturized for three hours. Press a single piece of blotting paper to your face and look at it. Keep in mind that skin types can change depending on the climate.

You have....

NORMAL SKIN: If no oil comes off on the paper and your face doesn't feel tight or flaky.

If your skin feels dry, tight or flaky and no oil appears on the paper.

If oil comes off of your nose, forehead and cheeks.

COMBINATION SKIN: If there's oil on your nose and forehead, but not on your cheeks.

SENSITIVE SKIN: If your skin tends to be tight and blotchy and reacts to new skin-care products by becoming red, inflamed or itchy.


elle said...

hi again Nessa,

i recently bought Physicians Formula Mineral Wear™ Talc-Free Mineral Makeup and Physicians Formula Powder Palette® Multi-Colored Face Powder (bronzer). so far they both seem to work well with my sensitive skin, looks great, not to mention Rite-Aid had a "buy one get one half off" sale. one bad news is that by end of the day my eye lid had some tiny bumps with itchy reaction to the eye shadows that i used. i mixed MAC, Revlon, and NYX so i'm not sure which one is not working well with my sensitive skin, i have a hunch it's Revlon. oh well...


Mae said...

where do you buy blotting paper?? :)


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