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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

How to take a good photo.


I had some inquiries on my photos that i've taken of my makeup and some of you asked what camera I use, lighting, if I use any equipment, etc to obtain such high-quality photos especially showing the detail of things.

First of all, the camera I use for MOST of my photos is my purse camera which is the CANON SD 450. It's 5 megapixels, shoots 60 frames per second, 2.5 inch LCD display, and has video. Of course most of the time I take photos of my makeup looks in my room, as for lighting I use mostly flash so that you all can see the detail of the makeup, and other times its natural light, or incandescent lighting (such as the bathroom!). I have my camera on AUTO, but put the options dial to the MACRO setting which is symbolized by a FLOWER, this setting allows you to take close-ups of objects and also doesn't let the flash bounce off so much off the object producing an over exposed picture.

RARELY I use my Nikon D40x for my photos because its big and bulky to take pics of my makeup myself, but that is another camera I own to take some of the photos featuring the actual makeup I used for a specific look, etc.


ilovecheese said...

Hi Vanessa, I loooove your blog and check at least 2-3 times everyday for your latest posts. Love your looks and I wait to try them out on me sometimes. I had a question about cameras - my close up EOTD pics always come very overexposed - the flash nearly completely washes out the colours. How do I control this feature? I have a Canon powershot A570 IS and I find that when I use Macro settings at the corner of the pics the shadow of the lens nearly always spoils the pics. Anyway I can aviod this? Thanks :)

Vanessa said...

Hi there!! Thanks for reading, glad you enjoy the site! Are you also using AUTO? If so, try switching to "Manual" settings and be sure that the exposure (depicted by a +-0) is set to either a -1 or -2, this controls how bright the flash is, then put macro on (the flower icon), press the shutter half way to focus, keep your hand steady and shoot.

Hope that helps!

eBeautyBlog said...

Thank you for this tip. I tried taking pictures using the flower icon and it made such a huge difference. My friend told me about your blog and I'm starting to LAWT IT.

leonie makeup stylist said...

hi vanessa

thanks! This is just the information I need for my blog! I have the same camara! You're an angel!


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