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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Overnight Bag


There are times where I am just a girl on the go. Literally.

I find myself sleeping over last minute at the BF's house, or far away at a shoot, that it's PHYSICALLY hard for me to carry my ENTIRE makeup collection- in my huge, hard, STEEL metal makeup box.

Therefore, I invested in an overnight traincase by Travelon. It's super cute inside, I didn't like the quilted look on the outside, but I don't really care how it looks as long as it serves its purpose, which is to hold all the essentials I need for the night...or weekend.

It comes in black, fushia, and periwinkle. The mini was too small, and the deluxe was too big, so I got the medium train case just for ME! It's awesome in my opinion as it holds 7 of my makeup brushes, has a compartment for jewelry, and 2 zippered compartments for let's say a toothbrush, lipliners, etc.

I am so happy I don't have to lug that big metal box for just a sleepover or a weekend getaway anymore and having to leave my favorite eyeshadows behind because I couldn't carry them all!

The outside:

The inside:


Marie said...

This blog came at the perfect time! I'm actually off to Vegas next weekend and was wondering exactly how to lug all my essentials. I have a steel train case like yours, but never bring it anywhere with me. Instead, I find myself stuffing my makeup in 3 different bags just to bring all the necessities. Once again, thanks for the great info!

Christiana said...

OMG! i love that bag. where'd you get it from and how much was it? if you don't mind sharing. :P

Dhini said...

i love that bag. where'd you get it from and how much was it?

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