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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another great testimonial!


heya nessa!

i have started reading your blogs about a week ago, i must have read about 90% of your blogs from the very first to the most current. so first things first, THANK YOU much! i have picked up so many great tips and tricks from you! to be honest i have always been very skeptical about being adventurous when it comes to makeup, i preferred "light and simple", only using 2-3 types of brushes (out of my expensive 6-pc set from MAC that i bought maybe 5 yrs sad. oh and not to mention i never knew how to use the rest of them HAHAHA).but i learned from your site how to be more playful and to try outside my comfort zone. i never bought any makeup thats not MAC until 3 days ago! mainly bcoz my skin is overly sensitive and i have this preconceived notion that using cheap stuff for my face/skin is disaster waiting to happen. now i won't have to purchase products for trial since you try them out for most of us, hehe. i don't know how i'd be able to afford the stuff you buy!


Thank you Elle! I am glad you are enjoying the blog, thanks for the wonderful comments and I hope you can find more great things on here! :)

- Vanessa


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