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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Reader Question (RE: Mineral Makeup)


Q: There is so many out there! How do you know what to choose? I know they provide samples etc., but recommendations would be really nice. I am currently using BE but just read up on it and looked up what bismuth oxychloride is. I loved the product before but now I'm a little skeptical on it since I do get the itching when I am sweating or outside in the hot sun. I am a total sucker for great advertising though! and the convenience of getting it at my local mall (sephora). I belong to another blog and it seems everyone who is on there raves about everyday minerals but while they do have different formulations for their foundations, they don't have a great selection on their shadows and blushes. I love the idea of using all mineral products on my face since I am really sensitive to a lot of products out there. And I would really prefer to stick to one brand. Please help me out! Thanks.

A: Well it's hard for me to say which product I recommend for people to use because it all comes down to YOUR SKIN, and how much coverage you need, whether you have sensitive skin, etc.

I personally have somewhat sensitive skin, AND no pimples or scars on my face, so I don't need a lot of coverage when it comes to foundation, though sometimes I DO like the "airbrushed/matte" look and will apply a little more. The one thing about MINERAL MAKEUP, is that you ONLY need a little to cover your whole face. I liked Everyday Minerals because it's sheer coverage, it was hard to find my right shade, and even up to now, I think that the light olive and fairly light neutral im using is a bit off from what my real shade is, but still looks fine since its summer. Jenulence has a concealer/foundation formula in one for those who want to apply it wet OR dry, and for more coverage to hide and acne and/or scars, or just to have more coverage. Lumiere, well I couldn't really give them an accurate review as they give minuscule samples that weren't even enough to cover my nose! AND it was hard to find a shade. However I DO LOVE their flat top brush to apply my mineral makeup with! And I love the free shipping they have.

As for the convenience of getting mineral makeup at your local store, I agree, it's nice to be able to walk in a store, test and buy. But A LOT of mineral companies (well actually most) are simply ladies who create their makeup in their own settings and hence have an ONLINE business. Trust me, they know it's hard to gauge what shade you might be online which is why some sites offer SAMPLES so you can see which one is for you. Also, the best deals to me are online rather than in the store....ebay is a great place too.

A primer might help with your sensitive skin and you should use that BEFORE you apply your makeup.

I know that eyeshadows and blushes aren't the best colors on some sites, but I personally don't use any mineral eyeshadows and blushes, I use powder blushes and eyeshadows from other brands, and I think as much as we want to stick with just one brand out of convenience, it's inevitable and it's nice to play with different brands as they all bring something unique to the table.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog its pretty neat!

I use the avon smooth minerals and LOVE them!!! If anyone is interested in trying them email me

Best of luck!


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