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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bronze Eyes and Depotting


I got 5 Milani eyeshadows today: Shock, Antique Gold, Atlantis, Garden Mist, and Storm.

I placed them in the ELF magnetic pots after I "depotted" them:

Here is the little tutorial on "bronze eyes", I think it's simple, easy, and natural enough for everyday wear, great if you are wearing taupes, tans, and browns:

I used Milani Quad "Earthy Delights":

I then applied it on my eyes and blended it, with Sephora's gold glitter eyeshadow:

So it looks like this:

Then I applied Sephora's cream eyeliner using of course an eyeliner brush:

I then applied the BRONZE cream eyeliner to my LOWER lashes with a Q-tip:

Finished Product:

I bought NYX Eyeshadow in Chick:

And also an ENTIRE NYX Cosmetic Section at LONGS DRUGS (for those of you who are having trouble finding NYX Cosmetics, they have a wide array at Longs)


Christiana said...

OMG! thank you SO much for the heads up on long's drugs!!! that looks like a little piece of heaven to me!!! hahaha. :]

Marie said...


Which Long's Drugs did you go to? I went to one today in Granada Hills on Chatsworth and they had NOTHING. Actually more like 5 lips glosses and a bunch of lip liners, but nothing close to what your pictures show?

Thanks. =)

naree said...

i like coming to ur blog because i also like milani eyeshadows as substitutes for mac ones but milani are harder to find since drugstores either never have their eyeshadows anymore or never restock them. i wonder y...anyways, i also was wondering which longs drugs that is. that picture just makes me want to rush over there now and buy everything :P
thank u!

Anonymous said...

Can you depot NYX single chrome eyeshadow to fit in mac palettes?


Vanessa said...

Hi Kathy- The NYX single eyeshadows are square AND they are hard to depot so they won't fit in the MAC palettes, the NYC Chrome Eyeshadows are in powder form, so those won't work out either...

Loveable Honey said...

I like your blog posts I really need to start buying NYX products especially their lipsticks.

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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