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Monday, October 15, 2007

Antiquitease Collection!!


NOTE: Family Silver and Silversmith are switched wrong, they were in the wrong boxes!

***PLEASE READ***Some of you have asked me questions regarding this collection, to clarify:

Antiquitease COLOR- Meaning everything BUT the brush sets and Palettes (both lip and eye) WILL BE available in stand alone MAC and PRO stores Thursday Oct. 18th for purchase.

The brush sets AND palettes will be available on Thursday October 25th and NOT on the 18th!

For more pics and product info check out Temptalia!

So Chastity and I went to the MAC Event in Glendale YESTERDAY, there was a long line, packed store full of people waiting to get their hands on the new holiday collection Antiquity. It was so hot and yucky in there after awhile but boy was it so worth it! I snuck my cell phone in and took some pics!

We spent over $200 on our new loot, the brush sets and the palettes were pre-ordered as these are available October 25.

Here are the brush sets:

I love the new holiday pigments "Your Ladyship" and "Sweet Sienna", they are just gorgeous! And don't get me started on the baked mineralized eyeshadows "Silversmith" and "Family Silver"! They are to DIE for! They are all just beautiful colors, I think it was our favorite of the bunch. The lip glasses personally were ok, not enough to make me purchase any, there is one I think called "Trifle" it looks exactly like the "Lightswitch" lipglass from the 3D Collection. The lipsticks are a bit sheer for me, the pink one ("Her Fancy") is a nice sheer pink.

I am telling you we went CRAZY! It was A LOT of fun though and I am glad that we were able to preview them before a lot of people and get our hands on it.

Now for the pics!


With Flash:


With Flash:

The pigments:

With Flash:

P.S. For the gal who saw me at the event, HI! Yes that was me, I wish you would have said hello! I would have loved to meet you! :)


Anonymous said...

HI, I saw you at the event. You were wearing a purple blouse right? It's nice to see someone that has a blog on the net and is famous LOL.

Kiki said...

Dam i went Saturday and there was no line @ Mac. Must have been Sunday when you went!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if the mineralized eyeshadow are going to be sold at the holiday event coming up on October 25th?

Alma said...

Awww how sweet I wanted to but I was like no I can't what if she thinks I'm a stalker or something. We passed right by each other and I was like OMG thats Vanessa I was I should go ask if shes Vanessa Garcia LOL thats my grandmothers last name too. But she was from Mexico. But if you happen to have remembered seeing a girl with a light turqouise blouse and over weight that was me LOL what a description LOL. You probly won't remember. Lke me you were interestd in the collections!!! BTW you look prettier in person I loved your eyeshadow.

Anonymous said...

isn't the Antiquitease: Color collection coming out in counters too on October 18th?

Vanessa said...

Yes ANONYMOUS! Like I mentioned in my entry, the color collection is out October 18th, but NOT the brush sets or the palettes, those will be out October 25th.

chastity said...

Ness! I had so much fun yesterday! hehe we are like such MAC pros. Thanks again for spending the afternoon with me!

nilla cookie said...

OOO - how fun that you got the scoop on Antiquitease before all of us! SO jealous!

Anonymous said...

Vanessa such a MACaholic! haha I have to wait till the end of October (international) They start selling it on monday, I think I'll take a morning off from work.. I'll just start at afternoon! Since I don't have much brushes I also want to get the brush sets! ^_^ Love reading your blog girl!


karen, said...

nice haul! you are going to have so much fun with all that great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to letcha know that you have Sliver Smith and Family Silver labeled wrong. >_< They should be switched!

Other than that though, great haul and lovely pictures of everything!! Thank youuu! :)

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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