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Sunday, October 28, 2007

FOTD- Using MAC Holiday Cool Eyes Palette


Here is the FOTD I did yesterday using the COOL EYES Palette. I took a full face pic and then accidently deleted it, and by the time I took it all off and was getting ready to bed, so if I do it again i'll be sure to post one up! :( Sorry ladies...

Doing the FOTD made me realize how just LOOKING at it made me really want the cool eye palette when I pre-ordered it, but actually USING the colors, it's NOT my favorite palette. I guess I say this because I wouldn't really use the colors in this palette for everyday use (i.e. work), "trophy pink" is tad bit too bright for my taste, and "modern heir" is similar to either Stars N' Rockets or Creme De Violet. Also, I have makeupforever eyeshadow in a pink AND purple, hence I can re-create this look just using those 2, and let's not leave out the Violet pigment which can also add to it.

Don't get me wrong, the colors in this palette are drop dead gorgeous right when you open it, even when you swatch them; but it's a bit TOO colorful in the sense that I won't use it as much, as I see myself only carrying the smokey eyes palette in my purse. I might just go back and get the warm eyes palette too!


karen, said...

Pinks really scare me (I agree with you, can't see it as being an every day wear thing). This looks really fun though, like you're about to go to a hip party. Great job!

alyssa said...

It looks good but I'm most impressed with the skills of blending. You did a great job! :)

If you do get the warm palette, I hope you do a tutorial because that's the one I got.

Anonymous said...

awesome, you're so talented! love the cool palette look. could you also do a tutorial for the smokey palette? (ps: congrats on the specktra nomination!)

nilla cookie said...

I actually used to have this pink eyeshadow from Lorac that had gold undertones that was really pretty for day wear for anyone out there who wants to try pink as an everyday look ;)

Love the look with the purple underneath and if you ever get another photo, we'd love to see it :)

Kiki said...

So glad you did this, too bad you erased the picture of your whole face. Wish we could have seen it better. Now im thinking should I reconsider this palette because the pink is indeed too bright. Decisions, decisions...

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