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Friday, October 5, 2007

MAC-a-licious Haulage


So the boyfriend gave me some shopping money again...big mistake!

I went to the Glendale Galleria and went ka-ka-krazy! I first went to For Love 21 (weird name btw), the accessory extension of Forever 21 and bought me some more rings and necklaces (mind you NONE of this stuff I NEED), then next stop was Sephora, I am surprised I only left with 2 things! I was eye-ing like 10 things!

I bought a facial exfoliator brush because my cloth one just gave way, and I bought another blending brush. After seeing Karen's new purchase ( on the Smashbox Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Fusion Lights WITH brush, I wanted it so bad and kept playing with it to feel out if I really wanted it and because it was PINK made me want it more! But I controlled myself and didn't buy it because I don't think I would use it often, but yet would probably buy it for the brush and the pink handle.

Next stop...MAC! Meet the newest member of the family, "Teal":

I absolutely am in love with MAC's Teal Pigment, it's just such a gorgeous shimmery color that would really bring out anyone's eyes. (Btw, it's also available for sample for you inquiring minds!)

Reunited and it feels so good:

Of course I wouldn't show these without swatches!!!

Another thing I absolutely fell in love with, MAC Shadestick in "Fresh Cement", I really had the intention of purchasing "Sharkskin", but when I swatched it, it looked like something I already have so I didn't bother, but as soon as I swatched "Fresh Cement", I told the MA I had to have it! I also liked "Sea Me" but I just bought a good dupe from Avon.

I also got more refills, I wanted Zonk Bleu! but she gave me Shimmermoss by accident, so I have to exchange it, and I also ran out of my favorite eyeshadow Vex, so I bought the refill again. I also bought the Cumulus eyeshadow from the "Blue Storm" collection, I know I am a little late on getting my hands on it, but I thought I had that color, and turns out I don't! My total was $97 and something cents, hey im doing better, at least it's UNDER $100! haha ;)


mary said...

I love your site!! I can't help myself, but I come to your site all the time!! Congrats!! on a wonderfull haul!!...HAVE FUN!!

Manik said...

How much for a sample of the teal? Would you also do samples of the pink and violet?

Vanessa said...

Manik, read some of my previous posts, I sell samples of ALL my pigments, US including shipping is $3

Hannah Danger said...

Thanks so much for my sweet comment, I do love this blog!
I'm thinking I'll buy some samples one day soon :)

karen, said...

OH YES! One delicious haul!

That Shadestick is *really* pretty! I've never used them before 'cause I'm afraid of creasing. Do you use them as a base? Regular shadow? Details, girl!

Ashlee said...

Ooo, love that teal pigment. Gorgeous! ^_^

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