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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bruised nose.


So my nose has been bruised from the inside for the past week...I don't know what I did for it to get that way, but it hurts if I even remotely try to touch it, even puckering my lips after putting on lipgloss sends a pain up my sinuses, making my eyes water. Ouch, totally NOT fun.

I might be stopping by the MAC store today and pick me up a few "my-nose-hurts-so-I-need-to-buy-me-something-to-make-me-feel-better" items, such as more pigments and perhaps a few refills I need, such as Vex. :)

Lately I have been buying more MAC items, but don't be too quick to dismiss me as a "MAC Addict" or a "MAC Whore", I am not there, yet. I still have love for my drugstore and non-mac brands. (I love you CVS, Target, and Sephora!) I have just been intrigued lately by the collections MAC comes out with, but there are so many great dupes out there, TONS.

But I am telling you, EVERY time I walk into the MAC store, I can never come out with spending LESS than $100. Argh, time to pull out my BF's credit card! Just kidding. He always tells me after I bring home more makeup, "babe that could have been our wedding cake", LOL. I am a girl, a girl who is addicted to makeup. I know, I need help dammit!

Anyway, I thought id add a link in here to make y'all go "no way!", a 10-year old in Belgium gives BIRTH, yes 10 years old, and the father is 13 years old. All I can say is, WHAT THE HECK???! All I know is that my kids are gonna be put on lockdown for a very long time. LOL.,2933,298757,00.html

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temi said...

hey vanessa.i'm interested in buying some mac pigments.i'd like old gold, gold mode, cocomotion, melon, smoke signal and tan.i'm also looking for mac products in general, cheaper than retail.could you pls let me know what you can do? email is

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