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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brushes and Uses


I've had a lot of emails about brushes and what brushes do what, so I broke it down a bit for you ladies, I didn't include ALL my brushes but just the main ones.


From left to right: Essence of Beauty Baby Blender Brush, MAC 180 Small Buffer Brush, Lumiere Cosmetics Flat Top Buffer Brush, EM Duo Fiber Brush (equivalent to MAC #187 brush), Coastal Scents Large Flat Top Brush, Fan Brush

Let's start with the face brushes. I personally spend more on face brushes because those are the ones that go on my face, and since I have sensitive skin, I don't mind spending more on a good brush that doesn't irritate my skin. Like I mentioned in my previous posts, I am currently in love with the MAC Buffer Brush (#180), it really does the job and allows me to build my desired coverage for my mineral foundations. The Lumiere Brush I use to get into hard to reach spots, or to simply wipe off any eyeshadows that falls on my nose or cheeks, the fan brush is good for that purpose as well. I like the Essence of Beauty brushes, they are really soft for a great price and they have not failed me yet (available at CVS Pharmacies).

Their baby blender brush is good for blending larger areas, even the entire eyelid. I like to use it to also get into hard to reach places like the sides of the nose, or to highlight. The MAC #187 Duo Fiber Brush (or any similar duo fiber brush) is PERFECT for picking up the right amount of powder, I personally use it for my MAC MSF's (mineralized skin finishes), it picks up just enough powder for me to highlight my forehead, cheeks, and nose without making me look overdone. I love it!

Rule of Thumb: When using your moisturizer and primer, let each one dry before applying your foundation to avoid blotchy areas or patches.

The kabuki brush is a lot more dense and usually has a large wide head. It picks up a lot of powder in one sitting and hence gives you fuller coverage right off the bat, rather than allowing you to build your desired coverage.


From left to right: Essentials Blush Brush, Essence of Beauty Angled Contour Brush, Essence of Beauty Angled Blusher, Essentials retractable powder brush, Small Angled Contour Brush

I use the Essence of Beauty Angled Contour Brush (second from the left) to apply blush to my cheeks sometimes, but mostly to contour my face such as under the chin and and jawline. MAC #136 brush also does the trick. The one next to it, the Contour Brush w/the white bristles I also use for my cheeks. The retractable brush is for my purse, and the small angled contour brush(nose shading brush I call it) I use to shade and sculpt the sides of my nose using MAC Blush in Strada (most people use Emote, but I am fairly light). [see pic below]


From left to right: Double-Ended Fluff Brush (Flat paddle/Slanted Fluff), Eyelid Shading Brush (Coastal Scents), MAC Brush #239, Sonia Kushuk Concealer Brush, Essence of Beauty Travel Brushes (the last 3).

The double-ended fluff brush is awesome because well--it's double ended! I use the flat round tip paddle brush to apply a neutral or highlight eyeshadows on my entire lid, and the slanted tip for the Outer-V.

I love MAC Brush #239 because it's great for applying pigments foiled (wet). Hard to clean though, but nonetheless, great brush.

The ANGLED BRUSHES are great for the Outer V as well, or applying eyeshadow from the inner to the outer corner of your eye. They also give a lot of depth to your eye.

The CREASE BRUSHES are great for applying a wide range of color on your crease line or outer corner, the tiny Essence of Beauty crease brush is great for contouring the eye.


Sonia Kusuk Blending Brush and Sephora's Rounded Crease Brush

These brushes similar to the MAC #217 brush, are the tools I use to blend colors together so there are no harsh lines whatsoever. I cannot live without these brushes!


I use Studio Tools Concealer Brush, it's made out of taklon so it's great for applying liquid and cream concealers. I also spray a bit of the Aquafina Facial Hydrator Spray (Alyssa it's in the facial moisturizers aisle along with the acne products) on the bristles to dampen it a bit so it's not too stiff, and then apply my concealer or even along with my MAC Paint Pots to apply them as my base.


The flat top eyeliner brush (aka push brush) is great for applying gel eyeliners such as the Indelible Gel Eyeliners, or MAC Fluidlines. Gently dab across your upper lashlineall the way across (hence the push). I use Essence of Beauty travel eyeliner brush because it too is also double-ended, with a tiny eyeliner brush on the other end which allows me to wing my eyeliner.


Top: Studio Tools Smudge Brush and Essence of Beauty Sponge Smudge Brush
Bottom: Sponge-tip applicator brush

The smudgies! Isn't it just a cute name??? They are great for just that- smudging! I use it to smudge the upper lash line when going for a smokey look, or smudge the lower lash line for an ultra sexy sultry look and to give your peepers more definition and to open up the eye.

The sponge-tip applicator brush is great for touching up on concealer as well as foundation in case there are spots you need to touch up.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. thanks so much nessa! this has helped so much! So do you think that I could do without the kabuki brush, as i have just purchased some everyday mineral samples and I was gonna go buy the brushes. your great! lol. thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you so much for the depth of information you have shined upon us.
I will digest them again right after I got home from trick or treatin'. I might have some question on the travel eob brushes.
I have em but no clue what they are for.

happy halloween

Vanessa said...

Alyssa- The kabuki brush is good to have if you need more coverage, I personally don't need a lot of coverage and I have a heavy hand, so the MAC 180 brush works great for me.

Liz- Happy Halloween! Looking forward to your questions! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is the Aquafina Facial Spray thing like the MAC Fix + ?

Karen said...

BRUSH O RAMA! i am such a brush junkie, and really enjoyed this post, vanessa!

G_046 said...

what do you use to contour your nose? is it with darker foundation or just darker loose powder?

i just purchased some brushes from sephora, not really sure what to do with them, so this article is great!

Vanessa said...

Christine- The Aquafina spray is similar to the MAC fix it's charged with aloe and vitamins as well but isn't to set makeup.

Karen- I love brushes, I find myself buying duplicates for the sake of it!

Gabriela- I will show this soon, I actually have done a post on contouring, I use MAC Blush in Strada which is like a taupe/light brown powder and I apply it to the sides of my nose.

Anonymous said...

About how much .. if you remember that is, was the Aquafina Spray? I might return my Fix + just because I only use it to spray on my brushes to adhere the color pay off.. and I guess I could also do the same with the Aquafina product for cheaper. I don't really use the Fix + to set my makeup, I spray it on my face from time to time.. for the fun of it. But other than that, I don't spray it to set my makeup since I don't wear foundation and such. What do you think?

Vanessa said...

Christine- I believe it was about $4 or $5 at Wal-Mart. I use it to spray my face to refresh my skin sometimes and right before I use my toner, I also use it to dampen my brushes a bit. I like mine a lot, I don't really like the idea of paying so much for "water" just because it's by MAC but that's just my preference...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the help. Believe me, I am so indecisive when it comes to these things. I'm gonna end up returning my Fix +, which was about $15+ for the Aquafina one!

Anonymous said...

Ok great. I don't need lots of coverage but I noticed i tend to put too much makeup in one spot when dealing with loose powders....where do you think I should start?

Vanessa said...

Alyssia- Try the Lumiere Flat Top Brush, that was my first brush and I still like it! It's good if you don't need that much coverage and just tap and buff on your face.

Anonymous said...

I was reading the comments and I just wanted to let Christine know she needs to go to Walmart for the Aquafina product. Currently they dont carry it elsewhere, got the info off their website yesterday. And the product is used as a hydrator which contains jojoba and vitamins. Its great when you need a refresher on a hot summer day. Other companies carry something similar to refresh and set the makeup but it does cost alot more. Hope this helps!

Vanessa said...

Kiki- Yup! That's where I got it from Wal-Mart! I mentioned that on my post about the spray months ago! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Vanessa - so that's what you spray to wet your pigment?
oh btw, i sent you an email to your gmail. thx

Vanessa said...

Liz- No I don't use it to wet my pigments, like I mentioned I use it to dampen the brush right before I use the MAC Paint Pots, for pigments I use the mixing medium.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful because I don't know what brushes are good.

yummy411 said...

ooh i've never seen the EoB blender brush. i'll be scoping out that one!

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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