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Monday, October 1, 2007

MAC Holiday Collection Information


Prepare to drool ladies! Specktra has release more information on MAC's Holiday Collection, including pictures and details of colors in the quads, Limited Edition colors, pigments, lipglasses, and more!!!

Check it out: Specktra

For you ladies interested in purchasing sample MAC Pigments, I am still in the process of receiving them, so once I have them, I will have a list of what is available and just let me know which ones you want. I am trying to get some pigments that are hard to find! :)

Also, I will also be selling 15 pan MAC eyeshadow palettes and 6 pan BLUSH palettes, they raised their prices on them, they used to be about $10, and now they are close to $13 not including tax, so my prices on these WILL vary (depending on how many you order as postage is by WEIGHT) AND because I also have to purchase the bubble mailers I mail them in to protect the precious cargo! So it might be close to $20 for each one.

And for you gals who live in states or areas that DO NOT, or have trouble finding NYX Cosmetics, let me know if you are looking for certain items (eyeshadows, trios, etc) because I have a NYX store downstairs at work and I can get them for you. They have TONS of NYX stuff, but no Chrome Eyeshadows! :(

So that's just an update for y'all! I have so much stuff to get rid of!


Cuddles said...

Hi Vanessa!

Do you also ship NYX products international?


Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your blog! You make great tutorials. I was wondering, how was that Icing eyeshadow palette you got? Is it any good? I wanted to get it, but want a review on it! Thanks!! Keep on making great tutorials!=]


kat said...

hey nessa. it's kat from myspace. just wanted to say i love the site and yes, i'm one of your avid readers. i was just curious about your mac 15-shadow and 6-blush palettes. i would love to buy them. so, if you can message me back on how i can do that, that'd be great!

thanks sweets!

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