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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Video (Tutorial Request)- How to naturally shade in your eyebrows


I rarely do video tutorials because I hate hearing and seeing myself actually talk and move haha, and I can only imagine how YOU gals would feel! LOL, but I thought it would be easier to show this request via video rather than pictures.

This was a request by reader Christina who currently uses a mineral eyeshadow to shade in her eyebrows and wants to know other ways she can shade in her eyebrows using a pencil or another easier way rather than toting a mineral eyeshadow around which can get a bit messy. Sephora #206 is a good pencil if you gals use pencils on your eyebrows, but I LOVE the NYC eyebrow kit which comes with wax to help your eyebrow hairs stay in place, as well as being cheap! At only $3 a pop!

Please forgive me for I say "um" a lot in the video because I was really nervous! Also my nose is still a bit swollen (still bruised inside), don't ask why, lol.

I also forgot to add at the end, that if you happen to shade in your eyebrows TOO dark, take your brush that has a little foundation on it (I use leftover foundation on the brush from when I applied it to my face), and just gently brush it over your eyebrows to "soften" and lighten the color a bit. :)

Hope you gals enjoy, if you wish that I never make another video, that makes 2 of us! LOL.


FeiFei said...

So much different to watch a video vs. pics, especially with you speaking! It's quite refreshing. :)


Thanks so much for the tutorial. I have the NYC stuff and love it, but I can never get it to look natural enough. I guess I have to use the wax and powder at the same time. The tip about the hairspray and brush is great too.

Christina said...

That is an excellent tutorial, Vanessa! Thank you so much for responding so quickly. You've definitely convinced me to get a brow wax and powder palette. It looks a lot easier and faster to get neat and natural-looking brows applying wax/shadow with a brush than trying to draw in hairs with a pencil.

I love all your photo and video tutorials for their clear, concise instructions and superb photography. And you're just TOO cute in the video!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I use Smashbox brow tech which seems pretty similar wax/shadow combo. What I do however, is first shade my brows with the shadow, then apply the wax to groom the hairs in place. It's actually much easier to control the color if you don't mix it with the wax first. Sometimes I don't even use the wax because I now like to use shisheido brow gel. It holds nicely all day. I used to do the hairspray trick because it does hold the brows well, but it would sometimes make me break out right where my brows are. Great tutorial though. I'll be sure to check out the $3 version of brow tech when I run out. :)

karen, said...

Fantastic job. It's hard to do stuff live (which is why I avoid it) so kudos!

sugababy77 said...

Please continue to make tutorial videos! I really love em', even if it is not perfection. I don't think anyone really cares that it is un-perfect because we're all here to learn make up how to. And anyway, I think your videos are better than most makeup how-to vids I see on youtube! Keep on rockin.

BionicBeauty said...

I think you did fantastic!!! :) love this tutorial and i liked the fact that you were down to earth and not all "fake".

5 stars!

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