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Tuesday, October 30, 2007



NY COUNTDOWN: 4 days! Specktra members vote if you like for the tutorial contest! (Poll on the left hand side when you log in).

I love getting packages! I received my AVON stuff yesterday, I bought a travel fold up mirror which is great for NY (as I don't need to worry about my mirror breaking that I use at home); I also bought AVON eye pencils which are huge eyeshadow pencils, a decent dupe of MAC Shadesticks, I love the "Sea Blue" a lot! Gorgeous color! And I bought their mascara which btw reminds me of the Fiberwig mascara from Japan in which I did a post about it having "fibers" that attach to your eyelashes giving the illusion of falsies or plain longer lashes. When I pulled the wand out of the tube, I noticed tiny hair-like fibers, which seems gross at first as if it has been used (haha) but they are actually pretty neat.

Oh! And for Gabriela, I never used to like AVON when I was younger, due to the mere fact I associated it with old ladies, lol I don't know why, but just a few months ago I checked out the site and found some cool things for under $10 and ordered some things and was actually very pleased with it. AVON to me is hit or miss, there are some things that are bleh, and some things that are neat to have. Most of their lip colors aren't my cup of tea, but I DO like some of their lipglosses and eye stuff. You can also return it to AVON if you are not happy with your purchase and they have GREAT customer service.

AVON Eye Pencils and their bendable mascara:


The blue pencil on my eye (and for the girl that asked, yes those are NOT contacts but rather my real eye color lol):

My foldable mirror:

My MAC 180 brush I have been raving about, see how I gently hold my holy grail of a brush????!! :)

I also got my MAC MSF in "Gold Spill", very pretty! I didn't really like the gold gritty look of "New Vegas" too much, so I settled for something a bit more subtle and softer...

See the pile of junk i've been collecting? I need some support system of people to tell me to stop buying stuff I don't


JANE said...

ooo nice haul!!! can you swatch your mac gold spill? also are shimmers big??

smiling_diva said...

hi vannesa just wanted to let u know i have the avon bendable brush mascara too and it works pretty well :D ttyl bye!

nilla cookie said...

woo hoo! The AVON stuff sounds like it would be fun to try for that price tag ;)

The blue shimmer stick is gorgeous on you too! You wear colors very well! Can't wait to see more!

Nga said...

i wish i had your credit card! Lol! I saw an avon brochure recently somewhere and i was actually interested in some of their mineral products. Have you tried mary kay at all? My friend is starting up with that company and i promised her that i would take a look when i have time.

Nga said...

oh btw...I also used to associate Avon with old that bad?? =0/

Stephie said...

ate, send me your credit card and i'll "hold" it for you :D hehehehe

i haven't used my gold spill in a while, hopefully you can inspire me! i know, i used new vegas to day and i could notice the large pieces of glitter.... oh well!

hahaha crack.... so funny :D i really did want to drop some chopsticks down there :P

btw, i voted....
for YOU of course, if i had more than one account, i would vote again and again! you should win, everyone vote!!!! <3 ya!

kiki said...

Hey vanessa, yeah i order from avon too. i usually wait for their specials or when theres free shipping. Their products arent bad and alot of them are like ripeoffs of other brands such as clearisal, pantene, you get the picture.
Anyhow, guess what i got? I went to walmart today and got the Aquafina hydrating spray (like yours!) haha i know i dont need it but i wanted to try it out. I'm still using my Oguma-AquaKey for the longest time.

Distinque said...

hi vanessa! geez i think im going to try the mac 180 brush because of you. I love the white bristle brushes but it doesn't stay as white as the first time getting them:( but i'll give it a try. I think that avon mirror is so cuteee

Vanessa said...

Thanks smiling diva! I like it too!

Haha Nga, you can have my CC anytime, lol there's not much on there though! LOL. And I know right!?? Why do we think of OLD LADIES when we hear AVON???

Ading Stephie: I love gold spill very gorgeous color! And you too can "hold" my credit card! haha and thanks for voting!

distinque- the 180 brush is awesome! it's my favorite brush and yes I agree, I am not a fan of white bristles, but this brush is great!

karen, said...

omg, i feel your pain. that pic of all your stuff...imagine it 10x worse and out of control. HELP!

Angie said...

hi vanessa, great haul!! avon's other line is mark, which is pretty okay too and their packaging is quite cute. the shadows are not very pigmented though. anyway, i don't know if u've ever used nyx jumbo eye pencils? do think u think they're similar to mac shadesticks? btw, u inspired me to buy some nyx stuff at i heard and seen the brand before but have never got around to getting them until u raved about them soo much. also found a great store near my place that sells them MUCH cheaper than cherryculture too. so thanks for the rec, babe! the shadows are crazily pigmented!

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