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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Halloween Party Look


So I went to a birthday/halloween party last weekend (where I also did makeup on 2 people, hopefully she'll send me the pics), anyway, I didn't buy a costume for it since I had no time, so I just did my makeup to match fairy wings I had. I also used falsies that had tiny gems or rhinestones on them...

Also, Christiana (thanks girl!) found a new mineral make-up site where you can CREATE your custom-blended mineral foundation! I checked it out and it's pretty neat, I think I am going to order some samples and see if it works for me.

What I used:

- Ardell False eyelashes from Sally's w/rhinestones
- Viz-a-Violet and Violet MAC Pigments
- Makeup Forever Purple eyeshadow
- Everyday Minerals eyeshadow in "Bundle" and MMBB "highlights" as the highlight and all over lid color.
- Teal Pigment
- Covergirl eyeshadow (forgot the name, but it's a shimmery teal color)
- L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara


- MAC Blush in "Dollymix"
- MAC Tectonic as highlight


- MAC "Snob" under "Masque" lipstick
- Sephora #206 pencil
- 3D lipglass (MAC) in "Lightswitch"


Anonymous said...

That eye look is gorgeous! I'm curious about the false lashes... are they heavy? I've never actually worn any type of false lashes but I think the Revlon Lash Jewels mimic the rhinestone effect, and I'm raring to try, but afraid it might feel heavy? :D

nilla cookie said...

LOVE this look and your skin looks flawless and amazing!! Makes me want to be a fairy princess for Halloween too! :D

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