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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Storage, Charlotte-Russe Minerals, and Dupe of MAC Blush in "Pink Swoon"


Note: I forgot to add my mineral sample storage so i'll add that later...

My makeup station is ALWAYS messy, no matter how many times I clean it, it always ends up looking like my place got ransacked! So I went to Target and picked me up a cosmetic organizer from Studio Tools and it holds all my extras.

Here it is after I did some organizing...I love how it holds some of my brushes for easy access!

Also, while I was at Target I came across a Sonia Kushuk blush in "Pink Flamingo" which looks exactly like MAC's Blush in "Pink Swoon"!

Did you gals know that Charlotte-Russe sells their own mineral eyeshadows??? Yup! And they are actually really pretty colors, I just got the neutral stack...

I also bought a baby kabuki brush from Target by Studio Tools, it's surprisingly really soft! They call it a bronzer brush, but I plan on using it for my mineral foundation application.

Another storage idea I came up with is using an empty gum box to put my bobby pins in for easy access and perfect for travel:


Linda said...

where did you buy the Aquafina Hydrating Facial Spray?

Hannah said...

Thanks, now I can see the pictures. Jealous I don't have a Target--I love that storage acrylic container...I'm in Canada. Thanks for sharing!

nilla cookie said...

I'm loving that storage box but I don't have quite as much stuff (or room!) for it.

Stephie said...

wow that organizer looks great! i want to go and get it :)

Jane said...

The organizer is great! There's a bunch always on sale in the Takashimaya department store here, but I think no organizer can ever take on the monster that is my beauty items. I'm just a really messy person. XD

I like those mineral eyeshadows! I hope there'll be something similar available here soon!

melvel said...

Hi, I just saw this entry, and I really like the Studio Tools organizer. Do you remember how much you bought it? Thanks so much.

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