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Monday, October 22, 2007

Daily Roundup, Vanessa's Beauty Picks!


****NOW OFFERING MAC "VIOLET" PIGMENT SAMPLES!!!**** is offering FREE SHIPPING! No promo code needed! is offering 20% off everything on the site!

ULTA.COM has Bare Mineral Veils on sale 2 for $30! And 20% of any one item!

Tarte Cosmetics has a really cool all-in-one palette just in time for the holidays! ($52, Sephora)

This jaw-dropping, must-have Tarte palette is stacked with exclusive shades of eyeshadows, lip glosses, lip sheers, brushes and for the first time ever, our best-selling cheek stains in a pan form.

Palette includes:
-16 brand-new eyeshadows
-16 brand-new lipglosses
-4 gel eyeliners
-4 cheek stains
-3 24/7 lip sheers
-Eyelid primer
-Eyeshadow & eyelining brushes

I love POP Cosmetics! Their packaging alone makes me wanna buy their entire line! I definitely want to try out their conceal and correct mineral powder cake. ($25, Sephora)

Conceal and Correct Pressed Mineral Powder Cake
What it is:

Five concealing and corrective mineral powders in an all-in-one cake.

What else you need to know:

Even out your skin tone and prime your skin with this pressed mineral powder cake. For an all-over color correcting effect, blend all of the colors together with a sponge and buff into face.

Shades include: peach (minimizes darkness), yellow powder (minimizes redness), translucent (works well as an eye cake primer), nude (neutral concealer), and tan (neutral contour).


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